Latinx Affinity Group

Our affinity groups welcome and encourage participation from lawyers and business professionals.

The Latinx Affinity Group seeks to strengthen Cooley’s commitment to and understanding of the aspirations, needs and concerns of the Latinx community. The group provides a space to amplify the diverse ideas and stories of its members and community at large and serves as a forum to facilitate internal dialogue and establish a sense of community and belonging with its members. It aims to celebrate and honor the history, cultures and achievements of the Latinx community, while seeking to educate and raise awareness about the issues and challenges that impact the community through holding various internal events and partnering with external organizations with shared missions and values.

The group is actively committed to working on pro bono matters and similar initiatives that uplift and address the inequities facing the community, with a focus on providing Latinx youth with early exposure to the law and careers within the legal profession. The group is dedicated to recruiting, mentoring, supporting and retaining Latinx and other diverse business professionals, law students and lawyers throughout their careers. Further, it serves an integral role in advocating for all Latinx employees, fostering inclusivity and standing in solidarity and allyship with other affinity groups at the firm.

Seguimos adelante juntos con fuerza y en solidaridad.
We move forward together with strength and in solidarity.