Black Business Professionals Affinity Group

Our affinity groups welcome and encourage participation from lawyers and business professionals.

The Black Business Professionals Affinity Group serves as a safe, open space for Black business professionals to connect, celebrate successes, build relationships and discuss the unique challenges faced within our communities and the legal profession. The group formed in response to the increased global attention on the Black Lives Matter movement after the senseless murders of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery and Breonna Taylor, among far too many others.

The Black Business Professionals Affinity Group provides a safe space for engagement on various issues, including equity and inclusion, for members who self-identify as Black or of African descent. Its mission is to advocate for recruitment, retention, advancement and professional development for Black business professionals at the firm.

Building a firmwide community of Black business professionals who speak freely about the challenges within the workplace and provide solutions to those challenges, as well as working with leadership and management on accountability in an effort to create a more harmonious and just workforce.