Attorney Alternative Work Schedule Affinity Group

Our affinity groups welcome and encourage participation from all lawyers

Being Cooley means recognizing the evolving needs of our people and building a workplace that creates a sense of belonging for all. It also means that, alongside our clients, we are committed to our people and finding ways to support them in work and in life.

The mission of the Alternative Work Schedule Attorney Affinity Group is to champion those who decide to work a personalized schedule. We strive to raise awareness of and support alternative work schedule arrangements for all lawyers at Cooley, regardless of gender identity, parental status or otherwise. The group also seeks to learn from and contribute to the larger conversation among law firms and other businesses regarding best practices for work-life integration and adapting the workplace to work for all. A fully inclusive community is imperative to supporting our people and finding creative ways to fit Cooley into their lives and contribute to the firm’s success.