Best Lawyers 2016 – Cooley

Palo Alto – August 18, 2015 – The 2016 edition of The Best Lawyers in America, a leading peer-review survey of the legal profession, highlighted 110 Cooley lawyers.

Forty-six lawyers were recognized in multiple practice categories, including 30 who were honored in three or more practice areas.

The Cooley attorneys recognized in the survey are listed in the sidebar. Please view their firm biographies to see the areas of practice for which they were honored.  

About Cooley LLP  

Clients partner with Cooley on transformative deals, complex IP and regulatory matters, and high-stakes litigation, where innovation meets the law.  

Cooley has 850 lawyers across 12 offices in the United States, China and Europe.

Related Contacts
Robert L. Jones  Partner Palo Alto
J. Michael Kelly  Senior Counsel San Francisco
Mark Tanoury  Partner Palo Alto
Kenneth Guernsey  Senior Counsel San Francisco, Palo Alto
Michael Rhodes  Partner San Francisco, Los Angeles – Downtown
Robert Eisenbach  Of Counsel San Francisco
James Linfield  Senior Counsel Colorado
Kay Chandler  Partner San Diego
Eric Jensen  Partner Palo Alto, San Francisco
Stephen Neal  Chairman Emeritus Palo Alto
Sam Livermore  Senior Counsel San Francisco
Barbara Borden  Partner San Diego
Tom Reicher  Senior Counsel San Francisco
John C. Dwyer  Partner Palo Alto
Tom Coll  Partner San Diego
Matthew Hemington  Partner Palo Alto
Barbara Kosacz  Senior Counsel Palo Alto
Ann Mooney  Partner San Francisco
John Dado  Partner Palo Alto
Michael Platt  Partner in Charge – Colorado Colorado
Jim Fulton  Partner New York
Michelle Doolin  Partner San Diego
Jane Adams  Partner San Diego
Steve Przesmicki  Partner San Diego
Marya Postner  Partner Palo Alto
Craig Jacoby  Partner San Francisco
Ryan Naftulin  Partner London
Marty Schenker  Senior Counsel San Francisco
Joe Conroy  Chairman and CEO New York
Mike Lincoln  Vice Chair Reston, Washington, DC
Mike Klisch  Partner Washington, DC
Matt Browne  Partner San Diego
Andrew Lustig  Partner Reston
Adam Ruttenberg  Partner Washington, DC, Reston
Mark Looney  Partner Reston
Bill Galliani  Senior Counsel Palo Alto, Los Angeles – Santa Monica
Nancy Wojtas  Senior Counsel Palo Alto
Francis Wheeler  Partner Colorado
Koji Fukumura  Partner San Diego
Frederick Baron  Senior Counsel Palo Alto
Elizabeth Lewis  Senior Counsel Washington, DC, Reston
Orion Armon  Partner Colorado
Michael Attanasio  Litigation Department Chair San Diego
Colleen Gillis  Partner Reston
John Hale  Senior Counsel Palo Alto
Michael Tuscan  Partner Washington, DC
Steve Strauss  Senior Counsel San Diego
Alan Levine  Senior Counsel New York
William Schwartz  Senior Counsel New York
Cathy Hershcopf  Partner New York
Miguel J. Vega  Partner Boston
John Lavoie  Partner in Charge – Reston Reston
Sonya Erickson  Partner Seattle
Mark Weeks  Partner Palo Alto
Mark Windfeld-Hansen  Senior Counsel Palo Alto
John Robertson  Partner in Charge – Seattle Seattle
Lesse Castleberry  Senior Counsel New York
Heidi Keefe  Partner Palo Alto
Howard Morse  Partner Washington, DC
Pat Mitchell  Partner Boston, New York
Carol Laherty  Partner Seattle
Bill Christiansen  Partner Seattle
C. Thomas Hopkins  Partner in Charge, Los Angeles – Santa Monica , Los Angeles – Santa Monica, Los Angeles – Downtown
John Logan  Special Counsel Washington, DC
J.G. Harrington   Special Counsel Washington, DC
John Feore  Senior Counsel Washington, DC
Scott Dailard  Partner San Diego, Washington, DC
Michael Basile  Partner Washington, DC