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A law firm for the future

As advisers to disrupters – particularly in the technology, life sciences and high-growth industries – we see firsthand the power of innovation. As a result, we invest significant time and resources in implementing and developing the tools, systems and infrastructure necessary to dramatically transform the client experience.

We think beyond the limits of technology to encompass leading-edge processes and individual talents for a unique blend that benefits our professionals, our clients and our communities.

Innovation appreciation

Partner and technology committee chair Adam Ruttenberg was featured in the 2020 Financial Times North America Innovative Lawyers report in a special category recognizing the top law firm leaders, which highlighted his impactful track record of innovation and his work to make the firm more efficient, inclusive and digital.

headshot of Adam Ruttenberg

Rethinking how law firms do business

Cooley GO – resources for startups

We created an award-winning microsite that provides access to guidance in a variety of areas and offers the ability to generate core legal documents, including a number of financing documents. Cooley GO is regularly updated with new topics, content, features and Cooley’s quarterly Venture Financing Report.

To help build a more inclusive VC ecosystem, Cooley GO’s term sheets include the option for a diversity rider, which requires startups and their investors to seek co-investors from groups that are historically underrepresented in the industry in their deals.

Open source forms – in the spirit of collaboration

Our package of customizable Series Seed Note documents, available on GitHub, allows the VC community to collaborate and ensures our documents evolve with the needs of entrepreneurs and investors.

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Dedicating ourselves to enacting change

Giving back to community trailblazers

We are focused on giving back, providing 60,000+ pro bono hours annually to empower individuals to seek justice and opportunity, provide nonprofit organizations the tools they need to effect change and support the economic development of underserved communities.

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Forward-thinking professional networks

We are enriching the communities we serve through professional networks, including our Black Executive Network and Latinx Executive Network, that bring together CXOs, investors, innovators and influencers across a range of industries, companies and government.

As a leader, my job is not to shape or influence my team on how to think about issues, but to empower them to express themselves. Inclusive leadership is acceptance of and appreciation for what others bring.

Ximena Hartsock

Founder of Phone2Action and member of the Latinx Executive Network

Looking within for inspiration

Cooley places a real emphasis on caring and compassion and treating each person as a valuable member of the team regardless of title or position or level in the organization.

an anonymous Cooley employee in a recent Fortune profile

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New design for a new era

We applied our philosophy of innovation to physical spaces with our New York office’s move to Hudson Yards. Designed with a focus on using technology to boost collaboration, mobility, security and the office experience, our new space serves as a model for Cooley’s future.

“Walking into Cooley’s new office at 55 Hudson Yards, it hardly seems like you’re walking into a law office at all,” wrote The American Lawyer.

Innovation accolades

  • Cooley GO won the People’s Voice Webby award in the law website category, making Cooley the first US law firm in the award’s history to win a Webby in the category
  • BTI Consulting Group recognized Cooley on its Legal Innovation and Technology Outlook report, identifying the firm as one of the “absolute best” at embracing and using technology to bring innovation to the legal market and client service
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Innovation within Cooley

We constantly seek out and design solutions to support and enhance our lawyers’ practices.

  • Automation workflows to streamline client company incorporation and other core processes
  • Cooley SCORE, a sophisticated internal database that leverages data to help lawyers efficiently identify deal term trends in M&A and venture financing
  • Custom-built and secure client-specific information portals to increase workflow transparency and efficiency
  • Industry-leading transaction management solution to increase efficiency in deal closings
  • Better practice management through FINIQ, a powerful proprietary Cooley tool – built alongside Iridium – that provides access to current and historical financial and client data
  • Systems and dashboards to ensure accountability relating to Cooley’s commitments to diversity, equity and inclusion
  • AI-enabled approaches for enterprise search, due diligence review and chatbot development
  • Rigorous privacy information management system, making Cooley among the first to receive the ISO 27701 certification in recognition of its protection of personal data
  • Cutting-edge infrastructure to enable work-from-anywhere connectivity with unsurpassed security