Solving clients’ needs by providing counsel, protecting assets and operations, and defending their interests to ensure success

Why Cooley

Cooley’s litigation department protects clients’ interests and delivers meaningful results.

We are known in the industry and among peers as problem solvers, top-notch litigators and creative thinkers. We foresee issues before they arise and are ready to effectively defend clients’ interests for a successful outcome.

With Cooley, clients get trusted counsel to prevent, mitigate and solve challenges that could otherwise impact the trajectory of their business. Though we are skilled courtroom litigators, we continually seek favorable outcomes at every opportunity.

We recognize our clients have diverse legal needs and business interests. From data privacy and intellectual property to employment, board actions, trade secrets and beyond, Cooley has it covered – and we defend clients against interruptions, allowing them to remain focused on their goals.

We strive to know clients’ businesses, diving deep to understand the issues at hand and the sectors and industries they operate in. We are strategists. We protect technologies. We seek remedies from intrusive actions. We prevent disruptions. And we provide results.

Experience Matters

With Cooley, clients receive sage counsel from lawyers possessing both the legal gravitas and vital industry knowledge needed to solve their complex legal needs. Cooley’s litigation team is diverse in experience and background, bringing a rich perspective to clients’ unique concerns and ensuring every legal and litigation-related issue is handled with deft skill and acumen.