eDiscovery and Information Retention Counseling

Specialized group who partners with Cooley’s litigators and clients to craft cost-efficient, defensible, and tailored discovery and retention strategies.

Why Cooley


  • We work with clients to design effective document retention and litigation readiness plans.
  • We provide bespoke consulting services for all aspects of litigation support and technology, incorporating the latest advanced analytics to assist our clients in creating defensible discovery strategies.
  • We execute such services as collection, hosting, data reduction and data analysis (culling de-duplication/near de-duplication and email filtering), predictive coding, advanced analytics and technology-assisted review (TAR), and electronic production.
  • We’re keenly aware that no one solution fits all cases, and we’re able to shift our strategy, often with little notice, to meet the needs of our clients.
  • For select litigations, we use CooleyPlus, the firm’s in-house offering that provides an array of eDiscovery-related technologies and services within a low-cost, bundled and predictable pricing structure.

Information retention counseling and information governance

  • We help companies and organizations create sensible, practical and defensible records management, data retention policies, and dispositioning policies and protocols.
  • We assist with identifying, categorizing, and securing critical, sensitive and confidential information.
  • We develop strategies to improve compliance with retention and privacy regulations – and reduce risk.
  • We perform data retention analysis so our clients can defensibly delete redundant, outdated and trivial documents with little or no business value.
  • We help boost organizational and employee productivity and improve efficient access to information.
  • We aid in the development of an internal retention team to orchestrate and manage retention and deletion of company information.
  • We offer increased visibility into organizational data to reveal business intelligence opportunities and competitive advantages.
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Cooley Special Counsel Recognized as Visionary for Use of AI Tools

Cooley special counsel and head of litigation and eDiscovery & information retention counseling Ruth Hauswirth was recognized on Relativity’s annual list of AI Visionaries – early adopters in legal, compliance and risk who play a key role in advancing the use of artificial intelligence tools in their organizations.

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DOJ Issues Further Guidance, Warnings on Ephemeral Messaging Apps

At a March 2023 white-collar crime conference, senior DOJ officials offered expansive guidance about the dangers of using ephemeral messaging for company communications, noting that when investigating, DOJ prosecutors will consider a company’s use of ephemeral and encrypted applications and other related issues.

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