Chambers USA 2016 Recognizes Cooley Lawyers + Practices

Palo Alto – May 27, 2016 – Chambers USA: America's Leading Lawyers for Business recognized 71 Cooley lawyers as leaders in their respective fields. Twelve lawyers received one or more Band 1 rankings. Eight Cooley practices received a Band 1 ranking, with 29 practices recognized as national or regional leaders.  

The following is a complete list of Cooley's Chambers USA rankings for 2016:

Leading Practices

* Denotes Band 1 ranking

Nationwide Investment Funds: Venture Capital*
Life Sciences*
Startups & Emerging Companies*
Intellectual Property
Privacy & Data Security
Capital Markets: Debt & Equity
California Corporate/M&A: Venture Capital*
Life Sciences*
Capital Markets: Debt & Equity
IT & Outsourcing: Transactions
Intellectual Property
Litigation: General Commercial
Litigation: Securities
Colorado Corporate/M&A
Intellectual Property
District of Columbia Media & Entertainment: Regulatory
Corporate/M&A & Private Equity
Telecom, Broadcast & Satellite
Massachusetts Corporate/M&A
Private Equity: Venture Capital Investment
Intellectual Property
New York Litigation: General Commercial: Highly Regarded
Litigation: White-Collar Crime & Government Investigations
Virginia Corporate/M&A*
Intellectual Property*
Real Estate*
Washington Corporate/Commercial

Ranked Practitioners

* Denotes Band 1 ranking

Jonathan Bach Litigation: White-Collar Crime & Government Investigations (New York)
Celia Barenholtz Litigation: General Commercial (New York)
James Brogan Intellectual Property (Colorado)
Alfred Browne Corporate/M&A (Massachusetts)
Antonio Calabrese Real Estate: Zoning/Land Use (Virginia)*
Kay Chandler Life Sciences: Corporate/Commercial (California)
Carolyn Craig IT & Outsourcing (California)
Craig Dauchy Investment Funds: Venture Capital (Nationwide)*
Corporate/M&A: Venture Capital (California)*
John Dwyer Litigation: General Commercial (California)
Litigation: Securities (California)
Ivor Elrifi Intellectual Property (Massachusetts)
Life Sciences: IP/Patent Litigation (Nationwide)
Sonya Erickson Corporate/Commercial (Washington)
Lester Fagen Private Equity: Venture Capital Investment (Massachusetts)
John Feore Media & Entertainment: Regulatory (District of Columbia)
Telecom, Broadcast & Satellite (District of Columbia)
Francis Fryscak Antitrust (California)
Koji Fukumura Litigation: Securities (California)
Stephen Gardner Tax: Controversy (Nationwide)*
Colleen Gillis Real Estate: Zoning/Land Use (Northern Virginia)
Wendy Goldstein Healthcare (New York)
Kenneth Guernsey Capital Markets: Debt & Equity (California)
Craig Jacoby Startups & Emerging Companies (Nationwide)
Eric Jensen Capital Markets: Debt & Equity (California)
Corporate/M&A: Venture Capital (California)
Startups & Emerging Companies (Nationwide)
Robert Jones Life Sciences: Corporate/Commercial (California)*
Life Sciences: Corporate/Commercial (Nationwide)*
Barclay Kamb Life Sciences: Corporate/Commercial (California)
Heidi Keefe Intellectual Property: Patent (California)
Charlie Kim Capital Markets: Debt & Equity (California)
Barbara Kosacz Life Sciences: Corporate/Commercial (California)*
Life Sciences: Corporate/Commercial (Nationwide)*
John Lavoie Real Estate (Northern Virginia)*
Alan Levine Litigation: General Commercial (New York)
Elizabeth Lewis Labor & Employment (Virginia)
Michael Lincoln Corporate/M&A (Northern Virginia)*
James Linfield Corporate/M&A (Colorado)*
Douglas Lobel Litigation: General Commercial (Virginia)
Mark Looney Real Estate: Zoning/Land Use (Northern Virginia)*
Andrew Lustig Corporate/M&A (Northern Virginia)
Tom Mason Government: Government Contracts (Nationwide)
Patrick Mitchell Private Equity: Venture Capital Investment (Massachusetts)
Ali Mojdehi Bankruptcy/Restructuring (California)
Howard Morse Antitrust (District of Columbia)
Fred Muto Startups & Emerging Companies (Nationwide)
Stephen Neal Litigation: General Commercial (California)*
Litigation: Securities (California)
Litigation: Trial Lawyers (Nationwide)*
Ian O'Donnell Investment Funds: Venture Capital (Nationwide)
Kathleen Pakenham Tax: Controversy (Nationwide)
Michael Platt Corporate/M&A (Colorado)
Marc Recht Corporate/M&A: Capital Markets (Massachusetts)
Michael Rhodes Intellectual Property: Patent (California)
Litigation: General Commercial (California)
John Robertson Corporate/Commercial (Washington)
Randy Sabett Privacy & Data Security (Nationwide)
Marc Schildkraut Antitrust (District of Columbia)
William Schwartz Litigation: White-Collar Crime & Government Investigations (New York)
Jordan Silber Investment Funds: Venture Capital (Nationwide)
Brent Siler Corporate/M&A (Northern Virginia)
Anne Swanson Telecom, Broadcast & Satellite (District of Columbia)
Mark Tanoury Corporate/M&A: Venture Capital (California)*
Startups & Emerging Companies (Nationwide)*
Joseph Teja Intellectual Property (Massachusetts)
Steven Tonsfeldt Corporate/M&A (Northern California)
Mark Weeks Life Sciences: Corporate/Commercial (California)
Francis Wheeler Corporate/M&A (Colorado)*
Drew Williamson Capital Markets: Debt & Equity (California)
David Young Startups & Emerging Companies (Nationwide)

Up and Comers

Mischi a Marca   Banking & Finance (California)
Orion Armon Intellectual Property (Colorado)
Jacqueline Grise Antitrust (District of Columbia)

Senior Statesmen

Michael Stern IT & Outsourcing (California)
Diane Savage IT & Outsourcing (California)

Eminent Practitioners

Fred Muto Corporate/M&A: Venture Capital (California)
Life Sciences: Corporate/Commercial (California)
Life Sciences: Corporate/Commercial (Nationwide)
Frank Pietrantonio Intellectual Property (Northern Virginia)

Recognized Practitioners

Patrick Gibbs Litigation: Securities (California)
Cathy Hershcopf Bankruptcy/Restructuring (New York)
Michael Rhodes Privacy & Data Security (Nationwide)
Andy Roth Privacy & Data Security (Nationwide)

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Mischi a Marca  Partner San Francisco
Orion Armon  Partner Colorado
Celia Goldwag Barenholtz  Retired Partner New York
Alfred Browne  Partner Boston
Kay Chandler  Partner San Diego
Carolyn Craig  Retired Partner Palo Alto
John C. Dwyer  Partner Palo Alto
Ivor Elrifi  Partner New York, Boston
Sonya Erickson  Partner Seattle
Lester Fagen  Senior Counsel Boston
John Feore  Senior Counsel Washington, DC
Koji Fukumura  Partner San Diego
Stephen Gardner  Retired Partner
Patrick Gibbs  Partner Palo Alto
Colleen Gillis  Partner Reston
Jacqueline Grise  Partner Washington, DC
Kenneth Guernsey  Partner San Francisco, Palo Alto
Cathy Hershcopf  Partner New York
Craig Jacoby  Partner San Francisco
Eric Jensen  Partner Palo Alto, San Francisco
Robert L. Jones  Partner Palo Alto
Barclay Kamb  Senior Counsel Palo Alto
Heidi Keefe  Partner Palo Alto
Charlie Kim  Partner San Diego, Los Angeles
Barbara Kosacz  Senior Counsel Palo Alto
John Lavoie  Partner in Charge – Reston Reston
Alan Levine  Senior Counsel New York
Elizabeth Lewis  Senior Counsel Washington, DC, Reston
Mike Lincoln  Vice Chair Reston, Washington, DC
James Linfield  Senior Counsel Colorado
Douglas P. Lobel  Partner Reston
Mark Looney  Partner Reston
Andrew Lustig  Partner Reston
Pat Mitchell  Partner Boston, New York
Howard Morse  Partner Washington, DC
Fred Muto  Senior Counsel San Diego
Stephen Neal  Chairman Emeritus Palo Alto
Kathleen Pakenham  Business Department Chair New York
Frank Pietrantonio  Senior Counsel Reston
Michael Platt  Partner in Charge – Colorado Colorado
Marc Recht  Partner Boston
Michael Rhodes  Partner San Francisco
John Robertson  Partner in Charge – Seattle Seattle
Randy Sabett  Special Counsel Washington, DC
William Schwartz  Partner New York
Jordan Silber  Partner San Francisco, Shanghai
Brent Siler  Senior Counsel Washington, DC, Reston
Michael Stern  Retired Partner Palo Alto
Mark Tanoury  Partner Palo Alto
Steve Tonsfeldt  Partner Palo Alto
Mark Weeks  Partner Palo Alto
Francis Wheeler  Partner Colorado
Drew Williamson  Partner San Francisco
Dave Young  Partner Los Angeles