A flexible path to partnership

Cooley's partnership nominating process is designed to identify and assess candidates whose track record of personal productivity, practice development, substantive expertise, cultural assimilation and leadership are overwhelming indicative of near- and long-term success as a Cooley partner.

While our partnership track is flexible, we find that it typically takes a minimum of nine years from law school graduation to demonstrate these qualities. Lawyers who join the firm laterally and have the requisite years in practice are typically not considered for admission to the partnership before practicing at Cooley for three years.

Associates committee

The associates committee provides a forum that allows associates and local and firmwide leadership to maintain an open and ongoing dialogue.

Local committee members work with the partner in charge of their respective offices on various associate-focused initiatives.

Affinity groups

Many of Cooley's offices have an active Cooley Inclusion Alliance which is managed directly by Cooley associates with the goals of providing associates with a forum and resource for support; enhancing retention, training and promotion; and identifying opportunities to join with clients and community members on initiatives and topics of interest. The Cooley Inclusion Alliance welcomes and encourages participation from all associates and patent practitioners.

Other firmwide groups include the Black Attorney Affinity Group and LGBTQ+ Affinity Group.