Patent – Life Sciences

Cooley is one of the most highly-regarded firms for life sciences companies for all types of legal services, including strategic transactions, IP, financings and other corporate and litigation-related matters. Our international life sciences patent prosecution and counseling team assists clients in the strategic acquisition and protection of patent rights in the United States, Europe and in commercially significant markets around the world. Our team of patent attorneys, located in offices across the US and UK, brings to bear decades of experience drafting, prosecuting, defending and opposing patents at the US Patent and Trademark Office and the European Patent Office. In addition to our on the ground coverage in the US and UK, we have a carefully vetted network of counsel with whom we partner located in key jurisdictions worldwide.

The firm has an extraordinarily deep and experienced bench of life sciences patent lawyers and agents who were scientists first before they began their legal careers, allowing us to adequately staff all matters with team members with the appropriate backgrounds. Our team has over 50 lawyers and agents, nearly 90% of whom hold PhDs. Team members have a wide range of industry experiences, advanced degrees and postdoctoral training in diverse fields including RNA therapeutics, molecular biology, cellular biology, neurology, virology, genetics, immunology and autoimmunity, recombinant antigens, vaccines, biologics, gene therapy, genetic engineering, plant breeding, genomics, microarray technologies, chemical and biological warfare, biochemistry, polymer chemistry, catalysts, membrane fabrication and membrane-based separations.

Cooley's patent lawyers and agents help clients formulate and implement effective patent development and protection strategies. Our services include conducting patentability analyses, developing plans for building economically efficient patent portfolios, preparing patent applications, and corresponding with patent offices of various jurisdictions around the world to ensure global patent rights. The Group also assists companies to avoid infringement of third party patent and intellectual property rights. Such services include performing third party patent searches, analyzing third-party patent and intellectual property rights, maintaining periodic patent watches on third-party competitors and preparing non-infringement and invalidity opinions.

The firm's life science patent lawyers and agents are often involved in patent and commercial litigation matters, as well as patent due diligence surrounding mergers, acquisitions, funding and other transactions. Given our extensive involvement in these types of matters, we have developed a deep understanding of value. As a result, we understand what creates commercial value in a patent portfolio, and have a keen appreciation of the interface between prosecution and enforcement.