Cooley Protect

Cooley developed this resource to empower entrepreneurs and growth companies with information to help make informed decisions about patent protection and strategy. Below you will find tools, tip sheets and articles that are organized by life cycle stage, from seed to exit.


Invention Disclosure Form

Form to document your invention

Patent Evaluation Form: If and Where to File

Worksheet to help determine where to file for patent protection

IP Review Committee Charter

Charter template to set up an IP review committee

Tip Sheets

Preparing for IP Diligence

Guidance to prepare for a third-party IP diligence

Issues That Will Likely Be Examined by Investors

Guidance to get your patent portfolio in order


Patenting AI: What You Should Know

Considerations for pursuing patent protection for AI inventions

Can You Patent Your Software?

Overview of patent eligibility of software and methods

Four Steps to Minimize the Impact of Your Competitors' Patents 

Tips to manage the potential risk of patent claims

How to Protect Your Invention in Multiple Countries 

Considerations for protecting your invention globally

Should You Invest in Foreign Patent Protection 

Considerations when deciding where to file for patent protection

Using Continuation Applications Strategically

Tips to pursue additional patent claims to help advance business goals

Using the US Patent and Trademark Office to Neutralize Invalid Patents 

Tips to challenge the validity of existing patents

What You Should Know About Patents in the UK and Europe

Considerations for protecting your invention in Europe

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