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Drug Pricing Transparency Congress

The Bellevue Hotel – 200 South Broad Street
Philadelphia, PA

State drug pricing regulations remain in the headlines as state legislatures continue to introduce and pass laws aimed at transparency and reporting obligations leaving a myriad of legal and compliance complexities. Over the past year, states including Oregon, California, Nevada, Maryland, New York, Massachusetts and Vermont  have introduced and/or enacted different laws and enforcement initiatives mandating the disclosure of drug pricing increases, introducing restrictions limiting Medicaid drug spending, requiring disclosure of company metrics and expenses, and other related pricing ballot initiatives. Cooley partners Sarah diFrancesca and Vince Sampson will speak at this event.

Topics include:

  • State-by-state analysis – legal update on all pricing and transparency laws passed to date
  • Oregon, California, Nevada and New York transparency laws
  • Practical compliance implications of state pricing and transparency reporting obligations from the first round of July 1, 2018 reports
  • Forecast of future drug pricing policy challenges – what’s ahead for 2019?
  • The potential impact of ICER on drug pricing and rebates

Featured agenda items:  

Implications of State Drug Pricing Transparency Laws on Policy
Hear from state policy and government affairs experts on the following topics:

  • Status of ongoing industry challenges and litigation surrounding state drug pricing laws
  • Unintended consequences of state drug pricing legislation on co-pays, the supply chain and more
  • Medicaid policy developments, copay bans, and patient assistance reporting updates
Cooley partner Vince Sampson is a featured speaker. 

California SB-17 – Implementation and Enforcement Update

California’s SB-17 was implemented in January 2018 – during this spotlight session, our panelist will conduct a deep-dive analysis of the following issues under the law:

  • When are notices issued under SB-17?
  • What information is reported in each of the SB-17 notices?
  • Penalties and considerations
  • Current status of pending industry litigation
Cooley partner Sarah diFrancesca is a featured speaker.

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Vince Sampson Special Counsel, Washington, DC