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Patient Assistance Programs (PAP):
Address Compliance Risks to Ensure Sustainable Patient Programs

Westin Arlington Gateway – 801 N Glebe Road
Arlington, VA

CBI’s 3rd Annual PAP Legal Update Forum brings together industry thought leaders, government stakeholders, non-profit organizations and advocacy groups to discuss the most pressing compliance challenges. Sarah diFrancesca will be speaking at this event.

Analyze PAP Critical Risk Areas within the Anti-Kickback Statute (AKS), False Claims Act (FCA) and Other Key Laws
Tuesday, September 25
10:45 am

Review the overarching framework of AKS, FCA and other key health regulatory laws for activities with foundations and hubs.

  • Strengthen understanding of the legal framework related to AKS, FCA and other key laws
  • Hear how these regulations apply to risk areas for patient assistance
  • Explore how to strategically and compliantly approach future partnerships within this legal framework
  • Understand the key questions to ask to identify and mitigate risks

Cooley partner Sarah diFrancesca is a featured speaker. 

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