How to Fix Employee Gagging Clauses

Financial Times

"The #MeToo movement that was emerging into public consciousness shone a light on NDAs, also called 'gagging clauses.' Other women told of being pressed to accept financial settlements — and keep silent, even in the case of alleged criminal behaviour  after sexual harassment. Controversy over NDAs has been reignited in the UK by accusations that retail billionaire Sir Philip Green used them to silence employees’ allegations of serious misconduct. He has denied any unlawful conduct. The UK government on Sunday said it will consider limiting the use of NDAs across business. In the US, several states have already undertaken reform. In New York state, for instance, NDAs in the context of sexual harassment are to be used only if a complainant explicitly opts for one. While there is general agreement that coercive use of NDAs should end, however, there is little consensus on how to achieve that." 

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