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  • SEC Approves Nasdaq “Comply-or-Explain” Proposal for Board Diversity  

    Cooley PubCo

    The new listing rules adopt a “comply or explain” mandate for board diversity for most listed companies and require companies listed on Nasdaq’s US exchange to publicly disclose statistics regarding the composition of their boards.

  • SEC Enforcement Targets Cybersecurity Disclosures Again  

    Securities Litigation + Enforcement

    Securities and Exchange Commission Chairman Gary Gensler has pledged to bring a renewed focus to robust enforcement of the federal securities laws, and the SEC’s Division of Enforcement will be more aggressive in several arenas – including public company cybersecurity disclosures.

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  • Privacy Talks Series <br> Global Data Breaches  

    Recent decisions by the Delaware Court of Chancery highlight the importance of a committee’s role in managing conflicts, particularly when it’s made aware of potential wrongdoing by conflicted fiduciaries.

  • Privacy Talks Series <br> Fintech, Payments and Privacy  

    In this monthly webinar series, Cooley practitioners provide guidance and best practices for managing data protection-related issues. This session focuses on the 10 things you should know about navigating the privacy and regulatory landscape.

  • Berkeley Fall Forum on Corporate Governance  

    Previously Recorded – Presented by Cooley and the Berkeley Center for Law and Business

    [Upcoming Event] This two-day hybrid conference features panel discussions, workshops and interviews on cutting-edge topics in corporate governance, M&A and business law.

  • WEBINAR SERIES <br> HR Network 2021 – What Every Employer Should Know About Noncompetes  

    Previously Recorded

    This program will update you on the status of noncompete laws in the Midwest, the mid-Atlantic states and the Northeast US, discuss recent cases and how they affect employers, and offer practical advice on hiring candidates from competitors and how to handle former employees joining competitors.

  • WEBINAR<br>The Impact of Foreign Investment Screening Regimes on M&A Transactions  

    A Focus on the New UK Regime, with Key Learnings from  the US CFIUS Regime
    Previously Recorded

    This webinar covered the impact of the UK National Security and Investment Act 2021, which will come fully into force in January 2022, as well as recent developments in the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States regime, and the implications for M&A transactions.

  • Comp Talks Series<br>Executive “Mega Grants” (Large, One-Time, Multiyear Equity Awards)  

    Previously Recorded

    In this Comp Talks webcast session, Cooley practitioners and industry leaders discuss the latest compensation trends and strategies, as well as the challenges that public companies face when balancing legal, tax and disclosure requirements with practical business needs.

  • Comp Talks Series <br> Incorporating ESG Metrics Into Compensation Programs  

    Previously Recorded

    In this Comp Talks webcast session, we cover the concerns and possible challenges for public companies considering tying a portion of executive compensation to environmental, social and governance (ESG) targets, and provides advice on designing, implementing and disclosing such compensation arrangements.

  • Reimagining a Post-Pandemic Workplace  

    Previously Recorded

    Employers under pressure to create and implement return-to-work policies and procedures need to consider where they are going before they decide how to get there – and this webinar provides a structured way to think through these issues while preparing for the future of your workplace.

  • Are You Ready for the Next Cyberattack?  

    Previously Recorded

    Join Cooley’s cyber/data/privacy and insurance team members as they walk through a cyberattack scenario, and give you insights on responding to a breach and maximizing your company’s insurance recovery.

  • The Tech M&A Bounceback  

    Previously Recorded

    Axios and Cooley hosted a virtual event on new dealmaking in tech M&A, and discussed the future of the market and how innovative teams are getting things done.

  • IP Basics and Portfolio Strategies for the Pharmaceutical and Biotech Industry  

    Life Sciences & Healthcare Innovation Program – Previously Recorded

    Experienced Cooley intellectual property attorneys explain foundational concepts for developing robust and cost-effective patent portfolios in various product development and life cycle management scenarios.

  • The Deal: Corporate Governance 2020: Balancing ESG, Sustainability and Growth  

    Previously Recorded

    Cooley partner Ian Nussbaum participated on a panel with a roster of senior executives, institutional investors and corporate advisers reviewing the ever-changing transformations underway at index and hedge funds, and evaluating the implications for when corporate boards and management teams are targeted.

  • Global Words of Wisdom – Employees Working From Anywhere  

    Previously Recorded

    The flexibility and freedom that comes with location independence can be deeply appealing to your employees, but just how practical are these arrangements, and how can you as an employer meet your cross-border compliance obligations?

  • Privacy Enforcement in Europe: Lessons Learned from Competition Enforcement in the EU and US  

    Previously Recorded

    Cooley lawyers discuss the similarities between privacy and competition enforcement in the European Union and US, with a focus on practical insights gained from recent competition cases to help companies prepare for potential privacy enforcement investigations and actions, including dawn raids in Europe.

  • Keeping Up and Staying Ahead of the Global Privacy Landscape  

    Previously Recorded

    Cooley partner Adam Connolly serves as a panelist for this global overview of regulatory developments and data protection legislation, as well as the European Union General Data Protection Regulation-centric approach of many data protection laws.

  • CCPA Litigation Is Here – Are You Ready?  

    Previously Recorded

    Cooley’s cyber/data/privacy team will help your in-house team understand potential California Consumer Privacy Act litigation risks and reduce your litigation exposure.

  • Programme for Product Safety Professionals  

    Previously Recorded

    Understanding the complex world of legislation surrounding products is vital, and this session covers how to ensure the safety of your products and customers – and how to protect your brand.

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