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California GHG Emissions and Climate Risk Bills Near Finalization

Last week, the California Legislature passed two far-reaching climate disclosure bills – SB 253, the Climate Corporate Data Accountability Act (CCDAA), and SB 261, the Climate-Related Financial Risk Act (CRFRA) – together, the California Climate Accountability Package. The passage of these bills puts California in the position to implement first-of-its-kind mandatory climate disclosure in the US. While these bills are similar to the climate rule proposed by the SEC in March 2022, the bills reach further on several fronts, as discussed in this alert.

The SEC’s Final Cybersecurity Rules Roundtable and What You Need To Do

This webinar focused on the Securities and Exchange Commission’s cybersecurity rules and the interplay between cybersecurity risk management, governance and public disclosures, as well as what steps companies should be taking in response. Hosted by Cooley cybersecurity and public company advisory authorities, the session reviewed the recently adopted SEC final cybersecurity rules – including how they differ from the proposed rules and what this means for companies going forward.

Comp Talks Series – Hot Topics in Recent SEC Rulemaking

This monthly series will feature interactive sessions designed to update company decisionmakers about recent events in the executive compensation and employee benefits arena and prepare them for potential upcoming compensation-related hurdles. Cooley partner Alessandra Murata and Compensia principal Mark Borges cover hot-button topics that have arisen as a result of Securities and Exchange Commission rulemaking activity in late 2022 and 2023, discuss potential compliance issues and market trends based on actions taken to date by listed companies and other organizations, and look ahead to expected next steps for late 2023 and beyond.

October 4, 2023

Public Companies Update - August One-Minute Reads

Learn about the Securities and Exchange Commission’s compliance dates for cybersecurity disclosure rules and its chair’s thoughts on artificial intelligence, as well as Delaware’s implementation of DGCL amendments, IRS guidance on the stock buyback tax, Nasdaq’s proposed listing rule on reverse stock splits, FASB’s proposal of more disclosure on expenses, and the European Union’s adoption of mandatory sustainability reporting standards.

SEC Adopts Comprehensive Cybersecurity Requirements

The Securities and Exchange Commission adopted final rules that mandate standardized cybersecurity disclosures by public companies. The final rules will require disclosure of material cybersecurity incidents and detailed annual disclosures.

August 2, 2023

‘The Sustainability Board Podcast’ – Beth Sasfai on Ambitious Sustainability Goals

On this episode of The Sustainability Board’s Podcast, Beth Sasfai, Cooley partner in our ESG & sustainability practice, discusses the challenges of sustainability requirements for companies, the difference in sustainability governance and ESG strategy between public and private companies, and her personal experiences counselling clients on ESG.

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