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  • Public Companies Update – January One-Minute Reads 

    Learn about the Securities and Exchange Commission’s enhanced disclosures regarding inflation impact, its adoption of Rule 10b5-1 amendments and their effective date, its fall 2022 agenda, and its charges against McDonald’s and the company’s former CEO, as well as Nasdaq’s simplified compliance deadlines for board diversity.

  • [Video] 2022 – 2023: Year in Review and a Look Ahead 

    Public Company Conversations

    Listen in as Cooley partners Chad Mills and Jason Kent discuss trends from 2022 and take a look at the year ahead.

  • SEC Reporting Skills Workshop 2023 

    Previously Recorded

    Cooley’s public companies group is hosting our annual SEC Reporting Skills Workshop. This event will feature interactive sessions focused on drafting various Securities and Exchange Commission disclosures, identifying common pitfalls and offering practical guidance for today’s dynamic reporting environment.

  • 2022 – 2023 US Corporate Governance Survey: Part 3 Results 

    Cooley is conducting a multipart survey series designed to provide insights and best practices on key corporate governance topics, practices and market trends. Check out the results and key takeaways from Part 3 of the survey series, which focused on policies and procedures related to hedging and pledging of company securities.

  • Life Sciences ESG Reporting Practices 

    For life sciences companies, ESG reporting is often a particularly perplexing subject. Investor focus on ESG matters is generally a more recent phenomenon for industry companies that also often are unsure which ESG topics are relevant to their business, especially earlier-stage companies. We have prepared this report to help life sciences companies begin to answer such questions and provide insight into industry disclosure practices.

  • 2022 – 2023 US Corporate Governance Survey: Part 4 

    As previously announced, Cooley’s multipart survey series is designed to provide public companies with insights and best practices on key corporate governance topics, practices and market trends. We invite you to participate in Part 4 of the survey, which focuses on your company’s environmental, social, and governance policies. Your responses will remain completely anonymous, and this part of the survey will take no more than five minutes to complete.

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  • ESG Forum 2022 

    Alongside panelists from the American College Cary M. Maguire Center for Ethics in Financial Services and the New York State Bar Association’s International Section, Cooley partner Brad Goldberg examines the rapidly evolving landscape of corporate environmental, social and governance reporting, including the intersection of mandatory and voluntary disclosure regimes.

  • The Harvard Corporate Governance Roundtable 

    Cooley partner Brad Goldberg joined Harvard Law School at its June 2022 Corporate Governance Roundtable for a moderated discussion of topical corporate governance issues.

  • The Way the Whistle Blows 

    Previously Recorded

    Cooley partners, along with leading technology company representatives, dissect whistleblower trends and examine where US, European Union and UK regulators are likely to focus attention. Company representatives also discuss why implementation of innovative tech-backed whistleblower programs as internal control is vital to handle complaints, identify and anticipate patterns, mitigate risk for employees and employers, and prepare companies for regulatory inquiries.

  • Panel Discussion on the UK NSI Act 

    Spotlight on the new UK national security screening regime

    The UK National Security and Investment Act (NSI Act) went into force on 4 January 2022, introducing a stand-alone investment screening regime with a mandatory filing for transactions falling within the scope of certain regulations and granting the government powers to investigate transactions on national security grounds. Lord Callanan, business minister responsible for act implementation, joins to discuss the regime.

  • The Lawyer – Demystifying Digital Signatures 

    In this recorded session, panelists discuss the different types of digital signatures and their most common use cases, the role and function of the trust service provider, and trends in digital signature law.

  • ERA's 2022 Annual Conference on European Data Protection Law 

    Academy of European Law

    Cooley partner Patrick Van Eecke is among the speakers at the ERA’s Annual Conference on European Data Protection Law, which provides legal practitioners and data protection specialists with an update and guidance on new data protection rules.

  • Directors Forum Conference – Directors, Management and Shareholders in Dialogue 

    Cooley is proud to be an affiliate sponsor of the 17th annual Directors Forum Conference, which is brought to you by the Corporate Directors Forum and the Berkeley Center for Law and Business. Attendees will hear from directors, investors, management teams and corporate governance thought leaders regarding challenges and potential solutions in key areas such as supply chain, disruptive technologies, cyber ransom and artificial intelligence, as well as human capital management.

  • IP-Con 2022: An Annual Symposium for the Progress of Science and Useful Arts 

    Sponsored by Cooley, the three-day McCarthy Institute’s inaugural IP-Con 2022 – An Annual Symposium for the Progress of Science and Useful Arts – brings together brand owners, trademark attorneys and public policymakers to discuss pressing issues in trademark law.

  • Delaware Expands Use of Directors and Officers Captive Insurance 

    In February 2022, the Delaware General Corporation Law was amended to expressly allow the use of captive insurance companies to fund a Delaware corporation’s directors and officers insurance coverage. In this recorded event, Cooley lawyers provide an overview of insurance captives, formation and management, and how they can be used to help manage risk and, in some circumstances, create a source of revenue.

  • Digital Health Innovation Summit – West 

    Cooley is the lead sponsor of the inaugural Digital Healthcare Innovation Summit – West, which is a two-day forum for the top innovators, investors, payers, providers and policymakers driving the digital health revolution.

  • Privacy Talks Series <br>US Compliance Journey 2022 – CPRA Roadmap 

    Previously Recorded

    Cooley practitioners provide guidance and best practices for managing data protection-related issues in this monthly webinar series. This session focuses on the 10 things you should know about data protection laws in the United States.

  • Preparing for and Winning Medical Device Patent Litigation 

    Previously Recorded

    Cooley IP litigators provide guidance to help your company prepare for and prevail in patent litigation in the medical device and diagnostics field – including best practices for offensive and defensive litigation matters, as well as thoughts on navigating transactions during pending litigation.

  • Life Sciences in the Antitrust Hot Seat –<br> Trends and Guidance 

    Previously Recorded

    The US is seeing a substantial shift in the way politicians, government agencies and private plaintiffs approach antitrust enforcement – and life sciences companies are right in the crosshairs. Cooley antitrust thought leaders discuss key trends and strategies for navigating the changing enforcement landscape.

  • Launch Strong: Strategies for Enforcing and Protecting Brands Prior to Commercialization 

    Previously Recorded

    Don’t wait until product launch to take steps to strengthen and protect the mark from potential infringers, counterfeiters, and future litigants. This presentation will cover tools and cost-effective strategies for enforcing and strengthening potential trademarks prior to launch.

  • Virtual Fireside Chat with FCC Commissioner Geoffrey Starks 


    In this virtual fireside chat, former FCC Commissioner Robert McDowell – now a Cooley partner and co-leader of the firm’s global communications practice – discusses current business and public policy issues affecting all aspects of the telecommunications, media and technology sectors with FCC Commissioner Geoffrey Starks.

  • SEC Reporting Skills Workshop 2022 

    A webinar series

    Check out Cooley’s SEC reporting skills workshop webinar series to dive into the particulars of drafting various SEC disclosures, identified common pitfalls to avoid and offered practical guidance for today's dynamic reporting environment.

  • Life Sciences & Healthcare Innovation Program 2022 

    Virtual series

    Cooley’s second annual Life Sciences & Healthcare Innovation Program series focuses on topics that matter most – resilience, family, leadership and inclusion – and offers programming featuring leading industry experts covering the most critical and timely issues, considerations, trends and developments affecting the life sciences and healthcare industry today.

  • Comp Talks Series<br>Post-Acquisition Integration Considerations – Tips and Traps 

    Previously recorded

    This session will focus on post-acquisition integration considerations, as well as tips and traps.

  • CLE Speaker Series<br>Privacy and Cyber Landscape: What to Expect in 2022 

    Previously Recorded

    The privacy and cybersecurity landscape has transformed significantly in recent years, with more change to come. Several US state privacy laws have been passed, and there have been significant developments in the UK and European Union. We'll walk you through the laws, covering what to expect and how to prepare.

  • CLE Speaker Series<br>Arbitration 360 – What Companies Need to Know About International, Domestic and Consumer Mass Arbitration 

    Previously Recorded

    This session provides an overview of topics in international and domestic arbitration, including when companies should consider arbitration and how to draft an effective arbitration clause. Topics include seat, confidentiality, managing time and costs, best practices and avoiding pitfalls. The session ends by examining business-to-consumer arbitration clauses and mass arbitration, including ways to manage risk and protocols.

  • CLE Speaker Series<br>Specialty Credits Day 

    Previously Recorded

    This three-hour session provides a unique chance to get CLE credits in three specialty areas – competency, ethics and elimination of bias – to ensure that you’re ready for the challenges of 2022.

  • Life as a Public Panel and Fireside Chat 

    Cooley partner Brad Goldberg, along with leaders from Deloitte, Nasdaq and The Blueshirt Group, addresses investor relations, as well as regulation and legal expectations for newly public companies. There’s also a fireside chat with Biomea Fusion CFO Franco Valle.

  • Berkeley Fall Forum on Corporate Governance 

    Previously Recorded – Presented by Cooley and the Berkeley Center for Law and Business

    This two-day hybrid conference features panel discussions, workshops and interviews on cutting-edge topics in corporate governance, M&A and business law.

  • WEBINAR SERIES <br> HR Network 2021 – What Every Employer Should Know About Noncompetes 

    Previously Recorded

    This program will update you on the status of noncompete laws in the Midwest, the mid-Atlantic states and the Northeast US, discuss recent cases and how they affect employers, and offer practical advice on hiring candidates from competitors and how to handle former employees joining competitors.

  • Comp Talks Series<br>Director Compensation Trends and Litigation Developments 

    Previously Recorded

    In this Comp Talks webcast session, we focus on director compensation trends and litigation developments.

  • WEBINAR<br>The Impact of Foreign Investment Screening Regimes on M&A Transactions 

    A Focus on the New UK Regime, with Key Learnings from  the US CFIUS Regime
    Previously Recorded

    Recent years have seen a proliferation of foreign investment screening and control regimes worldwide, and with them, heightened government scrutiny of foreign investment transactions. Implementation of foreign direct investment regimes has accelerated as national governments broaden their conceptions of national security issues and seek to protect an expansive range of industries and technologies.

  • Reimagining a Post-Pandemic Workplace 

    Previously Recorded

    Employers under pressure to create and implement return-to-work policies and procedures need to consider where they are going before they decide how to get there – and this webinar provides a structured way to think through these issues while preparing for the future of your workplace.

  • Are You Ready for the Next Cyberattack? 

    Previously Recorded

    Cyberattacks are on the rise, with nearly every industry now facing cyber risk as attackers become adept at preying on users’ vulnerabilities through innovative social-engineering scams and other exposures. As company systems become more interconnected and dependent on third-party technologies, potential ripple effects of an attack have expanded considerably, while threat actors continue increasing amounts demanded from cyber extortion efforts.

  • The Tech M&A Bounceback 

    Previously Recorded

    Axios and Cooley hosted a virtual event on new dealmaking in tech M&A, and discussed the future of the market and how innovative teams are getting things done.

  • IP Basics and Portfolio Strategies for the Pharmaceutical and Biotech Industry 

    Life Sciences & Healthcare Innovation Program – Previously Recorded

    Experienced Cooley intellectual property attorneys explain foundational concepts for developing robust and cost-effective patent portfolios in various product development and life cycle management scenarios.

  • The Deal: Corporate Governance 2020: Balancing ESG, Sustainability and Growth 

    Previously Recorded

    Cooley partner Ian Nussbaum participated on a panel with a roster of senior executives, institutional investors and corporate advisers reviewing the ever-changing transformations underway at index and hedge funds, and evaluating the implications for when corporate boards and management teams are targeted.

  • Global Words of Wisdom – Employees Working From Anywhere 

    Previously Recorded

    The flexibility and freedom that comes with location independence can be deeply appealing to your employees, but just how practical are these arrangements, and how can you as an employer meet your cross-border compliance obligations?

  • Privacy Enforcement in Europe: Lessons Learned from Competition Enforcement in the EU and US 

    Previously Recorded

    Cooley lawyers discuss the similarities between privacy and competition enforcement in the European Union and US, with a focus on practical insights gained from recent competition cases to help companies prepare for potential privacy enforcement investigations and actions, including dawn raids in Europe.

  • Keeping Up and Staying Ahead of the Global Privacy Landscape 

    Previously Recorded

    Cooley partner Adam Connolly serves as a panelist for this global overview of regulatory developments and data protection legislation, as well as the European Union General Data Protection Regulation-centric approach of many data protection laws.

  • CCPA Litigation Is Here – Are You Ready? 

    Previously Recorded

    Cooley’s cyber/data/privacy team will help your in-house team understand potential California Consumer Privacy Act litigation risks and reduce your litigation exposure.

  • WEBINAR <br>EU and AI: Navigating the European Approach 

    Previously Recorded

    Members of Cooley’s cyber/data/privacy, product compliance & product liability and technology transactions teams look at the European Union’s approach to artificial intelligence and discuss how product manufacturers, suppliers and other stakeholders can thrive during the fourth industrial revolution.

  • Obvious Ventures Raises Two New Funds Totaling $461 Million 

  • ALM General Counsel Conference Midwest 

    Cooley partners Bobby Earles and Erin Kirchner were among the speakers at the General Counsel Conference Midwest (formerly known as SuperConference), which for 20+ years has been the premier event in the industry by delivering key insights and practical solutions that today’s general counsel need to manage and better leverage C-suite relationships, successfully overcome a litigation crisis and much more.

On-demand tools and resources prepared for forward-thinking board members and leaders of US-listed public companies.

SEC Reporting Workshop 2023

Practical guidance for drafting various SEC disclosures

2022 – 2023 US Corporate Governance Survey: Part 1 Results

Key takeaways and results from our survey series on corporate governance topics, practices and market trends

2022 – 2023 US Corporate Governance Survey: Part 2 Results 

Key takeaways and results from our survey series on corporate governance topics, practices and market trends

2022 – 2023 US Corporate Governance Survey: Part 3 Results 

Key takeaways and results from our survey series on corporate governance topics, practices and market trends

Director overboarding policies

Summary of the director overboarding policies of proxy advisory firms Glass Lewis, Institutional Shareholder Services (ISS), and certain institutional investors

2023 Financial Staleness and Filing Guide

An at-a-glance guide to financial statement staleness dates and which financial statements will be required in capital markets transactions for companies with a December 31 fiscal year-end.

2023 Business Outlook Resources

Insights and strategies for companies navigating today’s evolving economic conditions.

2023 SEC filing deadlines

US Securities and Exchange Commission filing deadlines for companies based on fiscal year-end

Triggering events for Form 8-K guide

Thinking ahead and spotting triggering events for Form 8-K

Comp Talks Series key takeaways

Practical guidance on making compensation decisions that will motivate your workforce and can be confidently and effectively explained to all stakeholders

AboveBoard partnership

Providing our clients and trusted business partners with access to diverse senior executives to help you create a diverse board of directors


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