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  • What Is International Arbitration? 

    International arbitration is a method of dispute resolution where the parties are entitled to appoint a tribunal of arbitrators who will decide their dispute and the process for doing so. It is recognized as the preferred dispute resolution mechanism in cross-border disputes.

  • Considerations for US Companies Hiring Abroad 

    There are many reasons why your company might consider hiring in or transferring current employees to a country where your business currently does not have a presence. Whatever the rationale, there are important employment-related issues you must consider each time you plan to hire in a new jurisdiction.

  • An Overview of European Products Regulation 

    The regulation of products is extensively governed by legislation that operates on a European Union-wide level. While it can be a complex and sometimes onerous regulatory system, it brings some important benefits for product manufacturers.

  • 10 Key Issues for US Flip Transactions 

    There are 10 key issues to consider when structuring a flip transaction – where shareholders in an overseas company exchange their shares for shares in a new US company. In a flip, the new US company becomes the parent company, and the overseas company becomes a wholly owned subsidiary of the parent.

  • What Companies Need to Know About Abuse of Dominance 

    Companies are constrained in their commercial behavior by competitors, customers and consumers. Where such constraints are weak and ineffective, a company is considered to hold market power. When market power allows a company, over time, to behave independently from other market actors, the company is deemed to exercise a dominant position.

  • Key Components of US Anti-Money Laundering Law 

    On January 1, 2021, US Congress enacted the National Defense Authorization Act, which incorporated the Anti-Money Laundering Act of 2020. The latter creates significant reforms to US anti-money laundering laws – with implications for companies and individuals with foreign operations and bank accounts, virtual and cryptocurrency companies, and even art dealers, advisers and consultants.

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  • Cross-Border ESG Trends 

    Virtual event

    In this webinar, Cooley practitioners will discuss ESG trends and regulations across the European Union, Asia and US – in particular, addressing how the ESG landscape is changing in specific markets, how multinational companies should be thinking about regulatory changes in countries where they may be affected and different approaches to ESG regulation across different jurisdictions.

  • Cooley Privacy Talks: Key Things to Know About Data Protection Laws in China 

    cyber/data/privacy insights

    China’s Cybersecurity Law, Data Security Law and Personal Information Protection Law jointly form the overarching regime governing cybersecurity and data protection in China. These three laws have different focuses but overlap on certain fundamental regulatory requirements. Learn more about the key considerations of data protection laws in China and how to navigate the complex landscape.

  • Webinar Series <br> HR Network 2022 – UK Legal Update 

    This program will provide an update on the latest legal developments in UK employment law and cover important cases from the past 12 months, as well as key issues to consider when conducting redundancies and what’s trending in the world of share options.

  • Privacy Talks Series <br> Data Protection Around the Globe: Asia-Pacific 

    Previously Recorded

    This session will cover the 5 things you should know about data protection laws in China, including the key requirements under China’s Personal Information Protection Law and China’s cross-border data transfer regulatory framework.

  • Privacy Talks Series <br> Global Data Breaches 

    Previously Recorded

    This session in Cooley’s data protection series covers 10 factors you need to know about global data breaches and how to manage them.

  • Productwise Live – Rapid-Fire Update on International Developments in Products Law 


    In this 30-minute recorded session, Cooley’s international products team discusses important developments for product stakeholders, including changes in the revised 2022 EU Blue Guide, an update on the EU’s General Product Safety Regulation and Common Charger initiatives, right to repair laws passed in New York state, and implications of a civil penalty issued by the US Consumer Product Safety Commission.

  • Spotlight on the EU’s New Sustainability Measures: Webinar Recording 


    In March 2022, the European Union adopted a circular economy legislative package, which will impact businesses and product stakeholders as it aims to further the EU’s circular economy strategy and establish more sustainable production and consumption models. Cooley’s products team provides an overview of the proposals, potential challenges, and what to expect from Circular Economy Package II.

  • Privacy Talks Series <br> Artificial Intelligence and Privacy: EU and US Overview 

    Previously Recorded

    This session in Cooley’s data protection series covers 10 details you should know about the European and US legal frameworks on artificial intelligence, including biometrics and facial recognition.

  • Are You Ready for the Next Cyberattack? 

    Previously Recorded

    Cyberattacks are on the rise, with nearly every industry now facing cyber risk as attackers become adept at preying on users’ vulnerabilities through innovative social-engineering scams and other exposures. As company systems become more interconnected and dependent on third-party technologies, potential ripple effects of an attack have expanded considerably, while threat actors continue increasing amounts demanded from cyber extortion efforts.

  • The Way the Whistle Blows 

    Previously Recorded

    Cooley partners, along with leading technology company representatives, dissect whistleblower trends and examine where US, European Union and UK regulators are likely to focus attention. Company representatives also discuss why implementation of innovative tech-backed whistleblower programs as internal control is vital to handle complaints, identify and anticipate patterns, mitigate risk for employees and employers, and prepare companies for regulatory inquiries.

  • Panel Discussion on the UK NSI Act 

    Spotlight on the new UK national security screening regime

    The UK National Security and Investment Act (NSI Act) went into force on 4 January 2022, introducing a stand-alone investment screening regime with a mandatory filing for transactions falling within the scope of certain regulations and granting the government powers to investigate transactions on national security grounds. Lord Callanan, business minister responsible for act implementation, joins to discuss the regime.

  • Cooley Privacy Talks: European Data Transfers: Where Do We Stand Now? 

    cyber/data/privacy insights

    In November 2021, the European Data Protection Board adopted its draft Guidelines 05/2021 on the Interplay between the application of Article 3 and the provisions on international transfers as per Chapter V of the GDPR, which were open to public consultation until the end of January 2022.

  • CLE Speaker Series<br>New Year’s Resolution: Creating a Crisis Management Plan 

    Previously Recorded

    This continuing legal education session focuses on understanding the life cycle of a crisis and how to respond effectively while avoiding common pitfalls and maintaining control. We also discuss key points to consider when creating and implementing a crisis response plan.

  • CLE Speaker Series<br>Privacy and Cyber Landscape: What to Expect in 2022 

    Previously Recorded

    The privacy and cybersecurity landscape has transformed significantly in recent years, with more change to come. Several US state privacy laws have been passed, and there have been significant developments in the UK and European Union. We'll walk you through the laws, covering what to expect and how to prepare.

  • CLE Speaker Series<br>Arbitration 360 – What Companies Need to Know About International, Domestic and Consumer Mass Arbitration 

    Previously Recorded

    This session provides an overview of topics in international and domestic arbitration, including when companies should consider arbitration and how to draft an effective arbitration clause. Topics include seat, confidentiality, managing time and costs, best practices and avoiding pitfalls. The session ends by examining business-to-consumer arbitration clauses and mass arbitration, including ways to manage risk and protocols.

  • WEBINAR<br>The Impact of Foreign Investment Screening Regimes on M&A Transactions 

    A Focus on the New UK Regime, with Key Learnings from  the US CFIUS Regime
    Previously Recorded

    Recent years have seen a proliferation of foreign investment screening and control regimes worldwide, and with them, heightened government scrutiny of foreign investment transactions. Implementation of foreign direct investment regimes has accelerated as national governments broaden their conceptions of national security issues and seek to protect an expansive range of industries and technologies.

On-demand tools and resources prepared for US companies to launch and succeed in new global markets

1. What is Taxplaining?

Tax talk is a lot like a foreign language. You won't learn it in a day, but we can help you understand the basics enough to make good decisions about your company.

2. Choosing an Entity

Choosing the entity type for your business is an important decision that can have significant tax-related implications. We discuss five important considerations to think about when deciding on the best entity for your business.

3. Controlled Foreign Corporations

Xander discusses the tax concept of controlled foreign corporations. If your company is going to have foreign subsidiaries or you are going to make significant investments in foreign companies, this video explains the qualifications and the tax consequences of doing so.

4. Passive Foreign Investment Companies

If you currently invest or plan to invest in foreign entities, this video explains the complexities of the PFIC rules and how they may apply to you.

Additional Resources

10 Key Issues for US Flip Transactions

There are 10 key issues to consider when structuring a flip transaction – where shareholders in an overseas company exchange their shares for shares in a new US company. In a flip, the new US company becomes the parent company, and the overseas company becomes a wholly owned subsidiary of the parent.

Top 10 Considerations for Management in a Continental European IPO

We’ve compiled the top 10 issues for management to consider in a continental European initial public offering, from share structure and cap table to executive remuneration.

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