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Sowing Your Sustainability Strategies: ESG Frameworks for High-Growth Private Companies

Panel 2 – Fireside Chat

June 22, 2023
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June 22, 2023
10:00 – 11:00 am Pacific Standard Time

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Sustainability and ESG are becoming pressing issues for private companies at all stages – not just for mature public companies. Investors, customers, regulators and other stakeholders demand ever more robust reporting, policies, commitments, disclosures and compliance on matters such as climate change, supply chains, data privacy and human capital practices – and for many private companies, the biggest challenge is understanding how and when ESG applies to them. Navigating this dynamic environment has never been more critical for leaders and investors seeking to serve a broad range of stakeholders.

In this virtual series, company leaders, investors and Cooley practitioners offered insights on these emerging questions and provided attendees with practical and authentic guidance around ESG strategies. They also discussed recent developments and trends in the sustainable transition that can help you drive forward your ESG commitments and prioritize sustainability across your organization.

Panel 2 – Fireside Chat

This conversation with Allbirds founder Joey Zwillinger and Allbirds early investor and current board member Dan Levitan on the life cycle of a mission-driven company, covered lessons learned from building culture, scaling impact, navigating the initial public offering process and continuing life as a public company. 

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