Blue Economy

We see the potential of the blue economy to protect the health of our oceans by fostering innovation and driving investment in emerging industries

Why Cooley
  • Lawyers and consultants advise on law of the sea and delimitation of maritime zones and boundaries
  • Extensive experience of ocean-based industries, such as offshore renewable energy, shipping, maritime transport and fisheries
  • Emerging companies practice advises companies investing in and developing new technologies to protect the health of our oceans, including aquaculture, bioprospecting, carbon capture and storage, deep seabed minerals, offshore renewable energy, and the harvesting of living marine and genetic resources for use in industrial, medical and food production
Group contacts
John Brown  Consultant - Law of Sea London
James Maton  Partner London
Henry Stewart  Partner London
Mark Tanoury  Partner Palo Alto
Juan Nascimbene  Associate London