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Comp Talks Series Director Compensation Trends and Litigation Developments

September 29, 2021
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September 29, 2021
10:00 – 11:00 am Pacific Standard Time

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An effective compensation strategy is a critical part of attracting, incentivizing and retaining top talent. When designing, implementing and disclosing executive, director and equity compensation programs that reflect the business strategy and drive long-term value, public companies are subject to an evolving regulatory landscape and must understand investor and proxy advisory firm expectations.

In this webcast series, Cooley practitioners and industry leaders will discuss the latest compensation trends and strategies, as well as the challenges that public companies face when balancing legal, tax and disclosure requirements with practical business needs.

Session three

This session will explore the latest developments surrounding the director compensation-setting process for public companies’ boards, including policy and design considerations, as well as the recent landscape of breach of fiduciary duty claims. Since the 2017 Investors Bancorp decision by the Delaware Supreme Court, which raised questions about the effectiveness of director compensation limits, and subsequent cases such as Stein v. Blankfein in 2019, a number of public companies were sued or received stockholder demands challenging director compensation. As a result, companies have been advised to carefully consider the benefits and pitfalls of adopting formula-driven director compensation programs or continuing to rely on compensation limits (with or without modifications, in light of recent developments). Panelists will discuss various aspects of designing and implementing director compensation, including recent market trends, mitigating litigation risk, scope of policy-setting, practical considerations and building in flexibility for the unexpected. 

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