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Effective Data Breach Response:
Practical Tips and Strategies Explored

Eastern Time
Virtual Event

The number of data breach incidents has continuously ramped up at an alarming pace. As the digital world progresses, cybercriminals have found various ways to infiltrate confidential and sensitive business data, posing profound risks of business disruption, financial losses and reputational damages. To mitigate these, businesses and their cybersecurity experts must ensure that their sensitive data is safeguarded. They must come up with data security measures and policies as well as cybersecurity assessment tools and strategies to avoid potential data breaches, or minimize the financial fallout when they occur.

In this webinar, hosted by The Knowledge Group, a panel of key thought leaders and distinguished professionals will present the audience with a comprehensive discussion of data breaches over the past years. Speakers will also share effective and efficient tools and strategies for a robust data breach incident response plan.

Details and registration

Topics include

  • Maximizing insurance recovery before and after a breach
  • Data breach – trends and statistics
  • Identifying red flags and potential implications
  • Preventive measures
  • Creating a data breach response plan


For more information, please email Laura Miller.

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