State Authorization

Why Cooley

All states require institutions to be licensed in order to offer programs in their jurisdiction, but the requirements vary widely from state to state. The nationwide state authorization reciprocity agreement (SARA) still has major gaps in its coverage; institutions based in California are not eligible for SARA, nor are alternative providers offering only non-degree programs.

Cooley’s State Service helps education providers navigate the complex state licensing environment. The Service tracks state authorization developments across all 50 states to provide educational institutions, edtech companies, and alternative education providers with comprehensive updates and strategic counseling on authorization requirements under a fixed-fee arrangement. The Service is a cost-effective way for new and established education providers to stay current on changes and trends in state law and strategically grow a national distance education presence.

How Cooley's state authorization service can help you:

  • Easy-to-understand summaries of authorization requirements in all 50 states, DC, and certain US territories, updated quarterly, with interim updates on important developments.
  • Identifying where your company or institution does or does not require authorization based on your activities in a given state.

  • Creating a state authorization plan to enable educational providers to grow nationally while navigating each state’s requirements.

  • Monitoring critical federal and state developments, including legislative and regulatory activities at the U.S. Department of Education, Congress, and in individual states.

  • Estimating timeframes and costs for securing required approvals. 

  • Advice on internal agency policies, guidance, and procedures, leveraging our understanding and contacts with the state regulatory agencies and their staff.

Separately, our policy experts can assist institutions and education providers in preparing state licensure applications. Please contact our State Authorization team for information about our fixed-fee service.