Product Compliance & Litigation

Why Cooley

Our services   

  • Confidential design-stage review of product concepts, providing early indications of regulatory issues that may arise internationally as product is taken to market

  • Partnering with clients to plan and implement the market launch of products in a range of industries, finding practical and cost-effective solutions to regulatory compliance issues around the world

  • Advising on areas of regulatory risks as companies plan their business initiatives

  • Supporting clients to identify business threats and opportunities arising from imminent and predicted regulatory change internationally

  • Identifying and supporting compliance with product testing and product labeling requirements internationally, including finding practical and commercially-viable solutions to issues that arise

  • Supporting companies to identify applicable product standards and facilitating the identification and engagement of appropriate experts worldwide to support compliance activities

  • Advising on consumer warranty and other consumer-facing issues around the world

  • Dealing with challenges by regulators around the world to the safety or compliance of products

  • Acting as confidential independent advisors on potential product safety issues arising from the companies own market surveillance activities, or from external challenges

  • Supporting the conduct of product risk assessments, including those required under European regulations

  • Managing the co-ordination of international product recalls, dealing with regulatory obligations, advising on best practices, managing litigation risks, and finding cost-effective solutions

  • Coordinating the defense and resolution of consumer claims in multiple countries, utilizing an extensive network of local counsel to ensure the company’s valuable reputation is effectively defended and protected in all jurisdictions

  • Helping manage public relations issues and reputational risks arising from product safety and compliance challenges internationally

  • Defending large scale product litigation claims

  • Managing disputes with supply chain partners where the integrity or safety of a product is under challenge, reaching outcomes that support the companies broader business