Acquiring and Protecting Federal Student Aid Funds

Why Cooley

Cooley provides expert, sophisticated representation in dealing with the complexities of securing and keeping Federal funding for student financial aid. For over 30 years our lawyers have represented institutions in dealing with the complex array of laws, regulations and informal guidance that together govern institutional participation in the programs of student financial assistance under Title IV of the Higher Education Act of 1965.

With a team consisting of highly qualified lawyers and professionals with many years of hands-on experience in the management of student financial aid, the firm has assisted hundreds of institutions in acquiring initial approvals to participate in the Title IV student aid programs and in the protection of those approvals and funding that accompanies them, including providing highly experienced and effective representation when institutions are faced with adverse audit or program review findings. We have handled many of the highest profile and most complex disputes involving the federal student aid programs, and our knowledge and experience in this arena is unsurpassed.

We have accumulated an extensive library of informal guidance and practices that enables us to most accurately interpret agency actions and intentions. During this time we have also gotten to know virtually every official involved in the management of the Title IV programs, from the most senior officers to the staffs of the regional case teams, and the skills and integrity of our lawyers and professionals are well known throughout the department. That knowledge and reputation allows us to represent the interests of our clients in the most direct and effective manner.

Recognizing that avoiding problems in the administration of the Title IV programs is far preferable to fending off an adverse audit or review, we offer skilled technical assistance in the administration and management of student aid programs, including confidential review of policies and procedures and advice findings.