Wearable & Fashion Tech

Decades of experience in the key industry sectors of fashion/ecommerce, technology and life sciences


M&A deals for wearable and fashion tech companies including CardioMEMS, Misfit and StyleHaul
Helped wearable and digital health clients raise $1.5+ billion in private, institutional and venture capital financing in the last five years
Represent 29% of US-based unicorns
high-growth company clients, including many of the most sophisticated tech companies and investors in the world and some of the most well-known companies in the industry such as Misfit, OMsignal, Under Armour, Stitch Fix and Markable
Unparalleled access to the largest and most influential network of strategic investors focused on the wearables and fashion tech industries
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Recognized by The American Lawyer as an honorable mention in its Litigation Department of the Year competition
Recognized by The American Lawyer as an honorable mention in its Litigation Department of the Year competition Experience in more than 100+ state, federal and international courts, arbitral forums and administrative bodies
Team includes 5 Fellows of the American College of Trial Lawyers and 20+ former Assistant US Attorneys and Department of Justice lawyers
Defend False Claims Act actions arising from allegations of billing/coding misconduct, patient safety and research misconduct, manufacturing deficiencies, other Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act violations, drug pricing misconduct, federal and state anti-kickback law violations, and other relevant fraud and abuse laws led by local, state and federal civil and criminal government enforcers
History of litigating landmark, precedent-setting cases that establish industry-wide resolutions or new procedural protections for our clients
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Regularly represent companies in regulatory and legislative matters before the FCC, federal and state agencies
Privacy Practice Group of the Year and 2x Privacy Litigation Department of the Year advising on all aspects of data security, privacy issues and cybersecurity risks, including a 24x7 incident response team
Unique capability to assist clients in navigating and understand the increasingly complex involvement of federal agencies and Congress in the regulation of the wearable and digital health sector and analyzing how election results affect the industry
Handle numerous DOJ, FTC and state attorney general consumer protection investigations, including deceptive and unfair advertising, marketing practices, privacy, data security and financial practices
Counsel US and foreign companies on compliance with US laws and regulations governing the cross-border movement of goods, services and technology and affecting the way US companies conduct business overseas
Provide regulatory compliance advice on international, federal, state and local employment and labor laws, including affirmative action, discrimination, wage and hour, health and safety, unions and collective bargaining, compensation and benefits
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Strategic agreements, technology transactions and licensing deals for companies like Stitch Fix, OMsignal and Azumio
Manage and defend trademarks and copyrights for companies including Azumio, Hidrate, Stitch Fix and Striiv
IP cases in the last 5 years
PTAB proceedings
patents filed or obtained in 2018
trademarks filed or registered in 2018
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