Innovative Education Providers

Why Cooley

Education has become a technology industry.  From K-12 to adult learning the education industry is increasingly becoming a mixing bowl of traditional schools and new, non-traditional providers offering that together are providing a wide variety of alternative models for delivering quality education faster, better and cheaper.  We understand and support the special needs of high-growth companies developing leading-edge educational tools, resources and products, and the institutions and universities, both traditional and alternative, that leverage these technologies.

Areas of Practice

  • Accreditation and state licensure
  • For- and non-profit corporate organization and finance
  • Corporate and institutional governance
  • Regulatory compliance at the state, federal and international levels
  • Intellectual property, patent and copyright
  • Privacy and data protection counseling and data breach response
  • Government analytics
  • Government contracting
  • Employment and benefits
  • Export control and international trade regulations