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Cooley Chairs Digital Health Track at Bio International Convention 2022

Digital health technology is enabling a fundamental shift in the value chain from applications in personal genomics, detection technology and artificial intelligence to investments in the biotech sector. Wainwright Fishburn has co-chaired the digital health track since its start in 2014, highlighting digital health’s role in all phases of healthcare, from discovery of new drugs, to monitoring clinical trials, mobile prescription handling, and preventive medicine apps.

Read more about Cooley's involvement with the BIO digital health track:

Cooley presence at CES Digital Health

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Media coverage

MedCityNews – Digital health investing: Looking back and forecasting the future

"[Fishburn] predicts that regulatory guidelines will play a continued role in the ecosystem and that global genomics will drive change. Additionally, market adoption of digital therapies is next on the list."

Xconomy – At the threshold of a new digital health landscape

"Another way of looking at digital health is through the lens of new healthcare companies that are using innovations in digital health to deliver improved health and wellness to consumers, and to help reverse the impact of disease and lower overall heathcare costs."

MobiHealthNews – Mobile health winners will be those who helps MDs

"A lot of what digital health is going to be will be elevating the doctor's role. It should help physicians make better use of their time, rather than diminishing their stature."

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