2023 Business Outlook Resources

Insights and strategies for companies navigating today’s evolving economic conditions

As we open the curtain on 2023, there is optimism mixed with continued uncertainty in the public and private markets. Cooley is here to navigate this environment with you, and we’ve put together a compendium of thought leadership and resources to help companies look toward the horizon while steering their way through an ever-changing market.

[Video] Business Outlook 2023: Stay the Course
Of interest to companies, entrepreneurs and investors active in global business
Cooley partners share their thoughts on the business outlook for 2023, where US companies in particular should hold their focus, and how companies and their boards can best prepare for the future as economic conditions evolve.

Q4 2022 Venture Financing Report
Of interest to private companies, founders and venture capital investors
Downward Trends Continue in Deal Count, Invested Capital and Pre-Money Valuations, Up Rounds Drop to Less Than 80% of All Deals. (View the interactive visualization on Cooley GO.)

Navigating Choppier Waters in 2023 
Of interest to US-based companies and boards exploring private financing
In this article published by Axios, Cooley partners Danielle Naftulin and Rachel Proffitt offer key insights on how companies and their boards can stay the course when raising a round in a down market environment.

[Video] Looking Up in a Down Market Series 
Of interest to companies and investors with US operations
This four-part recorded series provides strategies and insights on navigating a down market, including private company financings, labor and employment issues, and liquidity events for technology and life sciences companies.

[Video] The Forecast for Capital Markets 
Of interest to companies, entrepreneurs and investors following the US capital markets
As part of Axios’ Dealmakers series, featured speaker Christina Roupas, Cooley partner and co-founder of the firm’s Chicago office, discusses what’s expected for the capital markets in 2023.

[Video] 2022 – 2023: Year in Review and a Look Ahead  
Of interest to US publicly listed companies, boards and investors
Join Cooley partners Chad Mills and Jason Kent for the latest installment of Cooley’s Public Company Conversations video series, where they reflect on issues and trends impacting US public companies in 2022 – including adopted and proposed rules from the Securities and Exchange Commission – and discuss what’s to come in 2023 amid ever-evolving regulations.

Cross-Border M&A: 10 Key Trends From Across the Pond
Of interest to companies and investors active in global business
In 2022, cross-border M&A remained largely resilient, with a return to healthy pre-pandemic levels, despite the ongoing challenges of geopolitical tensions, rising inflation and interest rates, currency fluctuations, and increased regulatory scrutiny. The Cooley M&A blog highlights 10 key trends that shaped global M&A market activity in 2022 – and will likely continue to impact deals into 2023.

Focused Industries

Cooley’s 2022 Life Sciences M&A Year in Review   
Of interest to global and US companies involved in the life sciences industry
Life sciences deal flow was strong in 2022, as dealmakers used creativity and alternative deal structures to navigate challenging macro conditions. The Cooley M&A blog dives deep into what propelled life sciences deals in 2022 – and ponders what may change in the year ahead. 

Cooley’s 2022 Tech M&A Year in Review 
Of interest to global and US companies involved in the tech industry
2022 started off with a bang, as tech M&A mega-deals were inked in quick succession. Despite a downtrend in the second half of the year, dealmaking remained strong, with the sector driving 20% of all global M&A activity. The Cooley M&A blog digs into 2022 tech deal trends and predictions for 2023. 

Products Law: What a Year! So, What Next in 2023?
Of interest to global businesses, manufacturers and those involved in the consumer products industry 
2022 has been a big year for products law across the globe, with a raft of significant new measures published. Cooley’s Productwise blog brings you a roundup of the highlights from 2022 and what to look out for in 2023.

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