Rule-making priorities for Corp Fin--Addendum

News Brief

By Cydney Posner

Corporate Counsel notes from the ABA meeting some SEC agenda items expanded upon or discussed by Meredith Cross but not included in her formal published address discussed in the post on 8/10:

  • Expanding Schedule 13D/G reporting to cover short positions;
  • Liberalizing shareholder communications to provide that distribution of educational materials to shareholders regarding the proxy voting process would not be deemed a proxy solicitation (the Staff is proposing to conduct a study regarding shareholder communications and will announce the results);
  • Amending credit rating agency rules to address conflicts of interest;
  • Amending Rule 163 (communications by WKSIs);
  • Keeping track of legislation in Congress so that the Staff can respond quickly to propose any rulemaking mandated by legislation;
  • Continuing its review of the proposed (now ancient) Reg D amendments; and
  • Discussing Section 5/short-selling issues with General Counsel David Becker to determine how to move forward.

Apparently, the "Core Disclosure" review project noted below is also designed to ensure that the disclosure is "right" rather than just "more."

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