BSI Announces Higher-than-Anticipated Distributions to Unsecured Creditors

News Brief

In a press release dated April 4, 2005, Joseph Myers, a partner and managing director of Clear Thinking Group, LLC and Liquidating Trustee for BSI Holding Co., Inc. (formerly known as Bob's Stores), announced that BSI's unsecured creditors have been issued the third partial distribution of their undisputed claims, bringing total distributions to date to 75 cents on the dollar.

This distribution exceeded the 70-cent return that had been anticipated; and an additional disbursement of funds for payment of general unsecured claims is expected to occur at the end of the second quarter of this year.

Myers credits Kronish Lieb Bankruptcy partner
 Jay R. Indyke, who serves as counsel to the trustee, for the higher-than-anticipated return and efficient distribution of claims.
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