Pro Bono Publico Award

The Legal Aid Society

Numerous Cooley employees were honored by The Legal Aid Society with the 2021 Pro Bono Publico award, which recognizes the outstanding work of volunteer lawyers, law firms, corporations and other professionals who have volunteered their time and talent to provide exceptional legal services to low-income New Yorkers.

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Those recognized include:

  • Angeline Chen
  • Sarah Cook
  • Katie DePalma
  • Weiru Fang
  • D. Jason File
  • Nicholas Flath
  • Heather Ford
  • Lauren Fowler
  • Jane Jeong
  • Jared Kasner
  • David Kupfer
  • Alan Levine
  • Christopher Martin Jr.
  • Tommi McCarthy
  • Victoria Pasculli
  • Valeria Pelet del Toro
  • Caroline Pignatelli
  • Daniel Pohlman
  • Alessandra Rafalson
  • Stephanie Schuyler
  • Alex Selarnick
  • Ashlesha Srivastava
  • Margaret Suh
  • Marc Suskin
  • Sarah Topol
  • Thomas Touchie
Related Contacts
Angeline X. Chen Associate New York
Weiru Fang Associate Washington, DC
D. Jason File Associate New York
Nicholas Flath Special Counsel New York
Lauren Fowler Associate New York
Jane Jeong Associate New York
Jared Kasner Associate New York
David Kupfer Associate New York
Alan Levine Senior Counsel New York
Christopher L. Martin Jr. Associate New York
Tommi McCarthy Associate New York
Victoria R. Pasculli Associate New York
Valeria M. Pelet del Toro Associate New York
Caroline Pignatelli Special Counsel New York
Daniel Pohlman Associate New York
Alessandra V. Rafalson Associate New York
Stephanie Schuyler Associate New York
Ashlesha Srivastava International Arbitration Consultant New York
Margaret D. Suh Associate New York
Marc Suskin Partner New York
Sarah M. Topol Associate New York
Thomas Touchie Associate New York
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