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How to Handle The New Wave of Suits Combining Patents, Trade Secrets and Copyrights

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Your next litigation could well involve trade secrets, copyright claims, and patents. While these intellectual property doctrines all evolved independently, recent developments have pushed parties especially in cases involving software to pursue multiple theories in a single case. This increases complexity and rewards parties who know each field particularly well, in order to exploit their inconsistencies and contradictions.

This webinar addresses the increasingly popular field of combination litigation and gives practical tips for both plaintiffs and defendants litigating these disputes, including:   

  • Pluses and minuses of overlapping IP protection
  • An overview of recent cases on the eve of the Supreme Court’s decision in Google v. Oracle
  • The impact of overlapping IP claims on forum choice
  • Implications of public disclosures on claiming and attacking trade secret protection
  • How to reconcile theories advanced in patent and trade secret causes of action
  • Key offensive and defensive strategies that parties can and should apply in combination litigation

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For more information, please email Jess Marsh.

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