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Cooley U – Term Sheets for Early-Stage Financings

Pacific Time

Cooley U is back in session!
Over the coming months, Cooley U will be offering free, interactive sessions to help and empower first-time board members and entrepreneurs as they build their businesses. This program is designed for the first-time entrepreneur or board member who would like to become more knowledgeable about both the legal and practical issues.

Session 2: Term Sheets for Early-Stage Financings

Are you getting ready to raise your first round? Selling a convertible note? Trying to figure out the right type of financing? Confused between full participating preferred and broad based weighted average anti-dilution? Yes, those are real. Cooley is hosting a presentation on term sheets. Our speakers will provide information every entrepreneur should know.

Topics include 

  • Key points of negotiation 
  • Understanding pre-money vs. post valuations 
  • What is the norm for a Series A deal 
  • What are "no shop" clauses and when to sign them 

This is an invitation-only event, and there is no charge to attend. If interested, you can request an invitation here.

For more information, please 
email Chris Montgomery.

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