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Georgetown Law & Technology Forum

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Evolving technologies have impacted nearly all aspects of the global economy, and the legal industry is no exception. Challenges imposed by COVID-19 have only heightened the need to understand current rules and best practices in the law and technology space. The Georgetown Law & Technology Forum will explore cutting-edge topics in eDiscovery, Artificial Intelligence, and Cybersecurity, and give you what you need to know for the challenging year ahead.

Cooley special counsel Randy Sabett and associate Andrew Epstein will be speaking on the panel "Defend Forward: Legal and Policy Considerations for Enabling Active Cyber Response" on Friday, July 24 at 12:00 pm ET. The US government’s cyber policy position of “defend forward” requires careful coordination of public and private sector efforts to raise the costs of adversaries attacking US systems, networks and interests. While mechanisms exist for information sharing, clear rules of engagement and liability protection, among other guidance and incentives, will be needed to enable active cyber response. Hear from panelists, who will discuss the legal and policy implications to facilitate a defend forward strategy, offer insights into possible legislative/regulatory solutions (including the recommendations made by the Cyberspace Solarium Commission) and provide practical takeaways for decision makers to consider in enhancing their organization’s cybersecurity programs.

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