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America’s Newest Crop:
IP Protection, Product Development, and Enforcement for Hemp Innovation

Eastern Time

Cooley lawyers Dan Knauss, Chris Holly and Erich Veitenheimer will be participating in a Lawline webcast.

The 2018 Farm Bill gave American farmers access to an entirely new crop: cannabis. There has been rapid adoption by farmers across the United States and a burgeoning industry is being created. US legal regimes have also been rapidly adopting to this new normal and are on pace with the ascension of the industry. This program will provide an executive summary overview of the core concepts involved in protecting innovation in the hemp market, best practices to ensure intellectual property protection is not inadvertently lost through common business practices, and a conversation on enforcing Cannabis-related IP, including hemp.

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Chris Holly Partner, Washington, DC
Daniel Knauss Partner, Palo Alto
Erich Veitenheimer Senior Counsel, Washington, DC