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Emerging Antitrust Issues: Implications to the Life Sciences Industry

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The prevalence of antitrust violations, particularly in the life sciences industry, has become more troubling in recent years. Because of the increasing number of lawsuits filed in which plaintiffs allege damages, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) are working closely together to prevent anti-competitive business practices. Mergers and acquisitions among pharmaceutical companies as well as their conduct with regard to the expiration of their drug patents have been aggressively targeted by the FTC. Antitrust cases brought by private litigants also continue to hound the industry.

Companies must carefully follow and analyze recent antitrust issues to effectively comply with relevant laws and avoid costly litigation and hefty penalties.

In this Webcast, a panel of distinguished professionals and thought leaders organized by The Knowledge Group will provide an overview of the latest critical antitrust issues. Speakers will discuss implications to the life sciences industry and will offer best compliance practices.

 Key topics include:

  • Life sciences & antitrust – an overview
  • Latest enforcement trends and issues
  • Implications to the life sciences industry
  • Litigation trends and challenges
  • Risk mitigation strategies and best compliance practices


Event details and registration

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Featured agenda item

Cooley partner Jackie Grise will discuss the FTC's opinions with respect to mergers and give a review of Monopolization cases, trends and developments regarding enforcement.

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