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The ABA Presents –
The Emperor Has No Clothes: The State of Undress in the Retail Distressed Space


As consumer habits change, retailers of various types are filing for bankruptcy. Get the basics on bankruptcy and restructuring for retailers large and small.

Even in a booming economy, big retailers like Toys R Us, The Bon Ton Stores, and Rockport, are going under and you can check the Internet for a running tally of "expected soon casualties." Due to changing consumer spending habits, retailers of various types are filing for bankruptcy, while many others are experiencing significant distress. Get an overview of the unique considerations retailers of all sizes must make when evaluating the possibility of bankruptcy and restructuring.

The panel will:
  • Analyze the essential key bankruptcy provisions governing real estate leases 
  • Highlight the financial and real property considerations impacting retail businesses in today's market 
  • Discuss the perspectives of the debtor, and secured and unsecured creditors 
  • Jay R Indyke 
  • Matthew Bordwin 
  • William Henrich 
Moderator: Leslie Ann Berkoff
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