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Cyber Security Seminar – Keeping The Lights On

Limiting business interruption when your infrastructure fails

JLT, The St Botolph Building – 138 Houndsditch
London EC3A 7DH

Cooley, EmergIn Risk, JLT Specialty and RGL Forensics present a seminar on best practices to limit business interruption. 

Content overview

Every cyber incident is different and will impact each business in a unique way. The relevant threat vector in each case, however, will have as its common design, the intent to maximise its impact and disruption to its intended victim. Whilst many businesses will be familiar with the threat posed by the unauthorised access to personal data held by the business, fewer companies are well placed to deal with the inevitable disruption caused to the wider business by an IT systems failure. In this seminar, we bring together key professionals from the world of risk management, forensic investigations and law to discuss the framework necessary to manage the crisis, to respond in an effective manner and most importantly to keep the lights on in the business when the threat hits.

Speakers include

  • Jamie Bouloux - CEO, EmergIn Risk
  • Mark Deem - Partner, Cooley
  • Ben Hobby - Partner, RGL Forensics
  • Jack Lyons - Partner in Cyber, Content & New Technology Risk, JLT Specialty
  • Bernard Regan – Head of Forensic Technology & Global Director of IT, RGL Forensics

Event details and registration

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