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When ICC Met Atlanta

Atlanta Center for International Arbitration and Mediation – 85 Park Place
Atlanta, GA

The ICC International Court of Arbitration will provide training on international arbitration and ICC arbitration procedures. This training will feature presentations and interactive discussions along with mock scenarios designed to give attendees an in-depth understanding of how to conduct an international arbitration with specific instruction on best practices under the ICC Rules. Topics include legal framework of international arbitration, New York Convention, lex arbitri, choice of law, separability, recognition and enforcement of awards, as well as an examination of practices under the ICC Rules from filing a request for arbitration to constitution of the tribunal, case management techniques and scrutiny of awards.

Cooley partner Mark Beckett is speaking on the panel "Practice Under the ICC Rules" at 2 pm. The panel will discuss the Constitution of Tribunal, including the process of nominations, disclosures, appointments, confirmations and replacements of arbitrators. The panelists will also provide insight into the role of National Committees in the Constitution of the Tribunal and present a series of interactive hypotheticals on challenges.

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