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Cooley U – Evaluating the Opportunity for a Reverse Merger

JLABS – 3210 Merryfield Row
San Diego, CA

Reverse mergers can be an effective tool for management to increase value and liquidity for companies in need of capital. In the past year, several life sciences companies have successfully accessed public markets through reverse merger transactions. What factors should you consider in evaluating whether a reverse merger is a good option for your company? Join our panel of seasoned dealmakers who have directly led reverse merger transactions.

Discussion topics include:

  • Assessing whether you are a reverse merger candidate and how to get ready
  • Preparing your financial statements, cap table and corporate governance matters
  • Selecting a partner
  • Financing in the context of a reverse merger
  • Achieving success following a reverse merger


  • Joseph Payne, President & CEO, Arcturus Therapeutics, 
  • Rama Padmanabhan, Partner, Cooley 
  • Matt Silverman, Lawyer, Cooley.

Event details and registration

For more information, please email Leah Lowery or call +1 858 550 6465. 

Cooley U is an invitation-only, hands-on instruction program for first-time board members and entrepreneurs. This invitation-only program is limited to CEOs, founders and executives at JLABS companies. Speakers for this program are Joseph Payne, President & CEO, Arcturus Therapeutics, Rama Padmanabhan, Partner, Cooley and Matt Silverman, Lawyer, Cooley
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