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Previous Year 2015
11/24/2015 FAA Task Force Recommends Registration of Drones Over 0.55 Pounds
11/23/2015 FTC Enforcement Powers Limited in LabMD Data Security Case
11/18/2015 ED Adopts Changes to Clock and Credit Hour Rules
11/12/2015 China Piloting Drug Marketing Authorization Holder System
11/10/2015 FTC Focuses on Lead Generation Practices in Higher Education and Ed Tech
11/09/2015 Videos on a Newspaper Website Could Fall Under the AVMSD
11/09/2015 FCC Designates MBAN Coordinator, Clears Way for MBAN Operation
11/06/2015 Climate Change and Pension Fund Investments
11/06/2015 Department of Defense Finalizes Cybersecurity Rule Impacting IT Contractors
10/30/2015 Senate Passes Historic Information Sharing Bill
10/28/2015 Privy Council rules that 'backwards tracing' can be used to recover bribes
10/26/2015 Pending Rulemaking Likely to Expand Borrower Defenses Against Repaying Federal Direct Loans
10/23/2015 IRS Announces Adjusted Plan Limits for 2016
10/23/2015 New Proposal Offers Limited Access to Federal Student Aid for Alternative Providers
10/23/2015 US House Passes Judicial Redress Act to Facilitate Safe Harbor Negotiations
10/22/2015 Still Not Safe: The Global Impact of Safe Harbor Ruling
10/22/2015 FCC Asks If "Messaging Services" Should be Subject to Regulation
10/22/2015 Safe Harbor Ripples Affect EU Student Data at US Schools
10/20/2015 DOT/FAA Announce Study of UAS Registration Requirements with Adoption Likely to Follow
10/19/2015 New Department of Defense Regulations Mandate the Reporting of Cyber Incidents
10/19/2015 FCC Sets Dates for 2015 Broadcast Incentive Auction
10/19/2015 California Amends PAGA to Permit Employers to Cure Certain Labor Code Violations
10/16/2015 Further Refinement to Accreditation in Higher Education
10/15/2015 Unsafe Harbor: Social Media
10/15/2015 Unsafe Harbor: Online Retailers
10/13/2015 No More Safe Harbor: What Should Life Sciences and Biotech Companies Be Doing to Transfer Data to the US?
10/07/2015 UK Consumer Rights Act Ushers in New Era for Competition Litigation
10/06/2015 Not So Safe: CJEU Follows Advocate General's Opinion, Declaring Safe Harbor Invalid
10/05/2015 ED Guidance on Competency-Based Education: Barriers to Adoption Remain
10/05/2015 European Commission Extends Digital Single Market Strategy with Further Consultations
10/01/2015 Student Data Privacy: States Keep Up the Momentum
09/28/2015 An Unsafe Harbor? What Companies Need to do in Light of the Advocate General's Opinion in Schrems v. Data Protection Commissioner
09/28/2015 UCLA Cleared in Lawsuit Alleging Lax Authentication Involving Insider Access to Medical Records
09/21/2015 Ninth Circuit Provides Guidance on RAND Licensing Obligations
09/18/2015 The Senior Insurance Managers Regime for Solvency II firms: A practical guide
09/15/2015 Ninth Circuit: Copyright Owners Must Consider Fair Use Defense Before Sending Takedown Notices
09/14/2015 Digital Advertising Alliance Begins Enforcing Mobile Privacy Rules
09/11/2015 Key Regulatory Considerations for Digital Health Companies
09/01/2015 Modern Slavery Act 2015
08/27/2015 Third Circuit Upholds the FTC's Data Security Enforcement Authority
08/27/2015 Amendments to California's Paid Sick Leave Law Provide Some Clarifications for Employers
08/26/2015 HSR "Investment-Only" Exemption: Lessons from Third Point's Yahoo! Investment
08/26/2015 SEC Adopts Final Pay-Ratio Rule
08/26/2015 DOJ Puts Pressure on Schools and Ed Techs to Provide Accessible Educational Technology
08/25/2015 UK Competition Authority Takes Action Against Suspected Excessive Pricing of Pharmaceuticals
08/25/2015 New Clery Act Requirements Warrant Close Review Before October 1 Deadline
08/18/2015 The Gainful Employment Rules: New Guidance on Reporting, Certification and Disclosures
08/06/2015 US Spectrum Auction Presents Investment Opportunity
07/30/2015 The AIFMD for Non-EU Fund Managers: It's Not as Bad as You Think – Part II
07/28/2015 "Ability to Benefit" is Back, But Not the Same
07/27/2015 Seven Steps to Prepare for the New Gainful Employment Rule
07/27/2015 IRS Issues Long-Awaited Proposed Regulations on Management Fee Waivers
07/24/2015 SEC Proposes Long-Awaited Compensation Clawback Rule
07/22/2015 New DOL Guidance on Classification of Workers as Employees or Independent Contractors
07/16/2015 Hiring Unpaid Interns: Federal Court Changes (Some of) the Rules
07/16/2015 The FCC's Telephone Consumer Protection Act Order
07/15/2015 Is an Innovation Box Coming to the US?
07/14/2015 New York District Court Articulates New Test for Assessing the Validity and Enforceability of Online Agreements
07/09/2015 Federal Court Upholds Cancellation of REDSKINS Trademark Registration
07/09/2015 Department of Labor Announces Proposed Rule to Increase Salary Thresholds for White Collar Overtime Exemptions
07/09/2015 California Approves Pathway for Non-Profit Institutions to Maintain Exemption from State Oversight
07/07/2015 No 11th Hour Reprieve: GE Rules Upheld
07/02/2015 FTC Releases New Data Security Guide: 50 Mistakes to Avoid in 10 Lessons
06/26/2015 The AIFMD for Non-EU Fund Managers: It's Not as Bad as You Think – Part I
06/25/2015 Brexit – How it Might Pan Out
06/22/2015 Department Issues New Dear Colleague Letter on State Authorization
06/19/2015 The Second Payment Services Directive
06/16/2015 SBA Proposes Regulations to Implement Sole-Source Contract Awards for Women-Owned Small Businesses
06/16/2015 Gainful Employment Regulations: Recent Updates from the Department of Education
06/15/2015 New Video Game Accessibility Requirements Starting in October
06/12/2015 Second Circuit Rules that "Product Hopping" May Constitute Unlawful Monopolization; Pharmaceutical Companies are Likely Targets of Future Antitrust Enforcement
06/12/2015 Act Now: Massachusetts Mandatory Sick Leave Is Coming Soon
06/09/2015 Recent Developments on State Authorization at Department of Education and in California
06/01/2015 FCC Expands Disability Access Requirements to Tablets, Laptops and Smartphones
05/29/2015 FCC Poised to Tighten TCPA Rules
05/28/2015 Supreme Court Rejects Good-Faith Belief in Invalidity as a Defense to Induced Patent Infringement
05/27/2015 The Second Information Accompanying Transfers of Funds Regulation
05/26/2015 Websites as Places of Public Accommodation:
DOJ Settlement May Extend Accessibility Requirements to Virtual Space
05/21/2015 European Commission Launches Digital Single Market Strategy with a Laundry List of Measures, Including Antitrust Sector Inquiry
05/19/2015 SEC Proposes New Rules on Pay Versus Performance
05/19/2015 The Regulation on Interchange Fees for Card-Based Payment Transactions
05/12/2015 New Pathways for Unaccredited Entities and Non-Institutional Education Providers
05/08/2015 Deadlines Approaching for Mandatory Reporting Requirement Regarding US Direct Investment Abroad
05/05/2015 Using Insolvency Powers to Make Claims for Fraud: Important Supreme Court Decision
04/28/2015 Privy Council Clarifies When Innocent Third Parties are Liable to Victims of Fraud
04/27/2015 Employer Notice Obligations Under California's New Paid Sick Leave Law
04/13/2015 Civil Claims for Bribery: an Overview of the English and Common Law Position
04/09/2015 FCC Continues Aggressive Action on Data Breaches
04/08/2015 Scope of EU Merger Control Reforms in Doubt
04/08/2015 How Businesses Can Prepare for the Russian Data Protection Law
04/06/2015 WASC Senior Commission Issues New Guidelines on Third-Party Providers
04/01/2015 International Enforcement of English Asset Recovery Judgments
03/30/2015 The Regulation of Virtual, Digital and Crypto-currencies
03/27/2015 Student Data Privacy: The States Are in the Lead
03/25/2015 Financial Promotions in Social Media for the UK
03/24/2015 Cybersecurity Risk Management for Communications Companies
03/24/2015 Supreme Court Holds that Trademark Board Rulings on Confusion May Bind Later Infringement Litigation
03/23/2015 Website Terms and Conditions: A Call for Clarity
03/19/2015 Federal Policy Developments Impacting Medical Technology Companies
03/18/2015 Who Owns a Bribe: the Bribed Public Official or the Defrauded State?
03/18/2015 Suing Bribing Competitors for Lost Profits
03/18/2015 Recovering the Proceeds of Corruption: How States Can Recover Stolen Assets
03/12/2015 No Big Surprises: The FCC Releases its Network Neutrality Order
03/09/2015 Impact of Software Installation Provisions of Canada's Anti-Spam Law on US Companies
03/05/2015 President Obama Issues Discussion Draft for Consumer Privacy Bill of Rights Act
03/02/2015 Ninth Circuit Recognizes Efficiencies May Enhance Competition in Antitrust Challenge to Merger*
02/26/2015 FCC Re-Adopts its Network Neutrality Rules
02/25/2015 Insurance Contracts and Terrorism – the Effect of the UK Counter Terrorism and Security Act 2015
02/23/2015 The European Venture Capital and Social Entrepreneurship Funds Regulations
02/18/2015 Proposed FAA Small "Drone" Rules Provide Some New Flexibility but Retain Significant Restrictions on Unmanned Aircraft
02/13/2015 FDA Finalizes Guidance on Devices that Store and Transfer Data
02/06/2015 Brokers Beware: Impact of the UK Insurance Bill
02/04/2015 Chairman Wheeler Releases His Network Neutrality Plan (with a Few Surprises)
01/30/2015 The FCC Redefines Broadband, with an Agenda
01/29/2015 Federal Trade Commission "Internet of Things" Report Stirs Debate over Consumer Protection in a Connected World
01/28/2015 Obama Makes Cybersecurity A National Priority
01/23/2015 Five Ways to Reduce Your HIPAA Liability
01/23/2015 Third-Party Servicers – New Guidance from the Department of Education
01/23/2015 Reminder Alert: Incentive Stock Options and Employee Stock Purchase Plans – IRS Information Statements and Information Returns under Section 6039
01/22/2015 U.S. Supreme Court Revises Standard for Appellate Review of Patent Claim Construction Decisions
01/21/2015 Revised 2015 Hart-Scott-Rodino Antitrust Thresholds—Effective February 20, 2015
01/16/2015 Congressional Republicans Make Their Move on Network Neutrality
01/14/2015 Pro-ISIS Hackers Targeting Media Outlets
01/13/2015 The Alternative Investment Fund Managers Directive
01/13/2015 Marketing a Fund under the Alternative Investment Fund Managers Directive
01/12/2015 The United Kingdom's Financial Promotions Regime
01/05/2015 New California Privacy Law for Minors Has Taken Effect as of January 1, 2015

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