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Previous Year 2016
05/19/2016 DOL Issues Final Rule Increasing Minimum Salary Requirements for Overtime Exemptions
05/17/2016 New Employee and Independent Contractor Notice Requirements Under the Federal Defend Trade Secrets Act
05/16/2016 New Student Debt Standards Could Allow Massive Loan Forgiveness
05/12/2016 FAA Clarifies Educational Use of Unmanned Aircraft Systems
05/11/2016 ED to Issue First Set of Gainful Employment Rates in January
05/11/2016 President Obama Signs into Law the Federal Defend Trade Secrets Act
05/04/2016 2016 Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report
04/26/2016 EU Sector Inquiry Highlights Online 'Geo-Blocking' – Future Enforcement Action Likely
04/22/2016 What US GCs Should Know About Litigation Funding in England & Wales
04/18/2016 UK Implements New Beneficial Owner Disclosure Requirements
04/15/2016 Coming Soon: Federal Regulation of the Internet of Things
04/12/2016 The FCC's Internet Privacy Proposal Raises Key Issues for Online Advertising
04/11/2016 Treasury Department Expands Anti-Inversion Rules, Earnings Stripping Rules
04/06/2016 Life Sciences Company Hit with $4 Million SEC Penalty
04/06/2016 FTC Challenges "No-AG" Agreement as Illegal Reverse Payment
04/06/2016 California Minimum Wage to Increase to $15 Over Next Several Years
04/01/2016 The FCC Proposes New Internet Privacy and Data Security Rules
03/29/2016 OCR Begins Phase 2 of HIPAA Audit Program
03/28/2016 Deadlines Set for Commenting on New EAS Cybersecurity Requirements
03/28/2016 Negotiations on New Defense to Repayment Rules Fail: It's All Up to ED Now
03/25/2016 SEC Invites the "Crowd" Into Equity Financing
03/24/2016 US Issues Temporary License for Exports to Chinese Telecom Company ZTE
03/21/2016 Enforcement Against Lord & Taylor Proves FTC Serious About Native Advertising Guidelines
03/15/2016 Common Sense Media to Grade EdTech Company Privacy Practices
03/14/2016 UK Supreme Court Wheels Out A Blow to Trunki
03/08/2016 US Restricts Exports and Reexports to Chinese Telecom Company ZTE
03/08/2016 FCC Settlement with Verizon Over Use of Supercookies Hints at New Rules
03/04/2016 Newly-Released Data Reveal 50% Increase in CFIUS Filings Over Prior Year
03/03/2016 Data Privacy Q&A: EU-US Privacy Shield
03/02/2016 Reasonable Security Defined: California Attorney General's 2016 Data Breach Report
02/24/2016 FCC Proposes New Rules for Competitive Set Top Boxes
02/23/2016 FDA Issues Draft Cybersecurity Guidance to Medical Device Manufacturers
02/22/2016 You Can't Hide Behind Your EULA
02/17/2016 ED Adds New Letter of Credit Requirements to Student Loan Negotiations
02/16/2016 Cuban and Iranian Embargoes Lifted? Not so Fast…
Restrictions Remain on Certain Academic and Research Activities
02/15/2016 Online Retailers Q&A: Are You Ready For ODR?
02/10/2016 Timeline for First Set of Gainful Employment Rates Slips Further
02/10/2016 Beware of Predatory Student Debt Relief Advertisements that Target Your School
02/10/2016 The 'New' Cybersecurity National Action Plan
02/09/2016 European Court Provides Guidance on Application of Antitrust Rules to IT Platforms
02/04/2016 What's in a Name? Privacy Shield Replaces Safe Harbor
02/02/2016 Upcoming Regulatory Deadlines for VC and PE Firms
02/02/2016 Federal Judge Rules on MA Regulations on Marketing by For-Profit Schools
02/01/2016 FCC Proposes Cybersecurity Requirements for Broadcasters and MVPDs
01/26/2016 Revised 2016 Hart-Scott-Rodino Antitrust Thresholds – Effective February 25, 2016
01/21/2016 Revised 2016 Hart-Scott-Rodino Antitrust Thresholds
01/15/2016 Affordable Care Act Year-End Reporting Requirements and Extended Deadlines
01/13/2016 Year-End Reporting for ISOs and ESPPs
01/12/2016 UK Supreme Court Confirms Merger Control Threshold for Business Acquisitions
01/11/2016 Top 10 Antitrust Developments and Trends to Watch in 2016
01/05/2016 PATH Act Gives Tax Benefits to Emerging Growth Companies and Investors
01/04/2016 China Food and Drug Administration Offers Guidance on Clinical Trial Exemptions for Medical Devices
01/04/2016 New Bill Targets Cybersecurity Expertise on Boards of Directors

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