Cooley’s Black Attorney Affinity Group

Allyship + Antiracism Resource Kit

For those asking, “How can I help?” and “What can I do?” – the answer is that you can help by becoming an antiracist ally and agent of change. You can help by making a difference in our lives as your Black colleagues, in the lives of the Black individuals whom you know and interact with, and in the lives of those in the Black community at large. Let us dare to be ambitious.

We compiled this resource for non-Black persons. It is intended to deepen and expand understandings of antiracism and allyship work. We hope that it will guide your efforts toward gaining understanding of these issues and facilitate your desire to take immediate action. We encourage you to use it to educate yourselves and others, to allow empathy to guide your engagement and to actively become an agent of change. This resource may be shared wherever you think most helpful, including other organizations, social media and with your friends, family and colleagues.

Suggested Places to Start:

Based on the compilation of Sarah Sophie Flicker and Alyssa Klein in May 2020 and further supplemented by Tanisha James, Jayme Staten and the Cooley Black Attorney Affinity Group in June and July 2020.