Kenneth Krisko

    • Poseida Therapeutics Enters Strategic Collaboration and License Agreement With Roche 

    • Immatics Enters Global Exclusive License Agreement With Bristol Myers Squibb 

    • Poseida Therapeutics Enters Research Collaboration With Takeda to Develop Novel Gene Therapies 

    • Merus Enters Collaboration With Eli Lilly to Develop New Generation of Cancer Treatments 

    • Talis Biomedical – $254 Million IPO 

    • Hansa Biopharma Announces Collaboration with Sarepta 

    • Poseida Therapeutics – $224 Million IPO 

    • Therachon Sells to Pfizer for up to $810 Million 

    • Lodo Therapeutics Enters $970 Million Multi-Target Collaboration With Genentech 

    • Selecta Biosciences – $74 Million IPO 

    • AveXis – $95 Million IPO 

    • Cardioxyl Pharmaceuticals sale to Bristol-Myers Squibb 

    • NewLink Will License Ebola Vaccine to Merck 

    • FORMA $600 Million Collaboration with Celgene 

    • TYRX: Acquired by Medtronic 

    • Two Independent Billion-Dollar Life Sciences Collaborations 

    • Apollo Endosurgery Agreement Acquire Obesity Intervention Division of Allergan 

    • FORMA Therapeutics $200M Strategic Collaboration Deal with Celgene 

    • Cylex Use Chapter 11 Bankruptcy to Achieve Exceptional Sale Price