Articles re the Change in Leadership at the SEC

News Brief

By Cydney Posner

With the imminent departure from the SEC of Chair Mary Schapiro, there has been a lot of commentary assessing the SEC, Schapiro's tenure and the appointment as chair of Elisse Walter. Although, unfortunately, The Onion failed to cover Schapiro's resignation, many others did: 

An assessment in Time about Schapiro's tenure -

The Daily Beast on Schapiro's legacy -

Dana Milbank gives Schapiro a glowing review -

Former SEC Chair Harvey Pitt comments on Schapiro and the tough road ahead for the SEC -

Joe Nocera expresses his disappointment on the nomination of Elisse Walter (and makes a few interesting cabinet suggestions) -

A New York Times editorial views the appointment of Walter as problematic -

A suggestion in the Washington Post that the change of leadership may delay crowdfunding rules -

A couple of Bloomberg articles on the appointment of Walter -

Dealbook on Schapiro and the SEC -

Wall Street Journal assessment of Schapiro -

An article in Investment News about the politics behind filling the filling the empty seats at the SEC -

A BusinessWeek article on Walter's prospects -

An LA Times article on Schapiro, Walter and the looming SEC deadlock -

Wall Street Journal article on Walter -

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