Cooley Stands With Transgender Community

Palo Alto – January 30, 2019 – Cooley has signed the Business Statement for Transgender Equality, which asserts that diversity and inclusion are good for business, observes that discrimination significantly harms transgender people and imposes enormous productivity costs, and calls for full equality for transgender, gender nonconforming and intersex people under the law.

In doing so, Cooley joins the ranks of approximately 180 companies and law firms. Together, they represent more than seven million employees, have a collective annual revenue of more than $3.2 trillion and span a broad range of industries. 

“The statement’s sentiments fully align with Cooley’s core values,” said Amie Santos, Cooley’s director of diversity and inclusion. “We’re heartened to further solidify our commitment to supporting and empowering those in the LGBTQ+ community beyond the four walls of our offices.”

First published in November, the statement was organized by 16 community organizations working for LGBTQ+ equality, led by Out Leadership and the Human Rights Campaign.

“As we continue to see in our work around the world, the business community is serving as a crucial backstop for hard-earned progress on LGBT+ equality – because inclusive cultures are more innovative, more productive and more efficient, and because it’s the right thing to do,” Todd Sears, Out Leadership founder and principal, said in a statement.

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