Life Sciences & Healthcare Innovation Program – Previously Recorded

IP Basics and Portfolio Strategies for the Pharmaceutical and Biotech Industry

January 25, 2021
Event details
January 25, 2021
12:00 – 1:00 pm Eastern Standard Time

Event summary

The critical importance of intellectual property is axiomatic for pharmaceutical and biotech companies – yet many pharma/biotech professionals find the legal and procedural intricacies of building an effective patent portfolio daunting. Join experienced Cooley IP professionals in a webinar explaining foundational concepts for developing robust and cost-effective patent portfolios in a variety of typical product development and lifecycle management scenarios.

Topics include

  • Worldwide patent procurement concepts and terminology
  • The stages of pharmaceutical and biotech product development and strategic approaches to providing layered patent protection
  • Special strategies on how to protect new uses for old drugs, reformulated or improved pharmaceutical compositions, extending market exclusivity through new clinical findings and developing investor-attractive IP on a shoestring (for startups)
  • Worldwide filing strategies and considerations

This webinar is part of our Life Sciences & Healthcare Innovation Program, Cooley’s 14th annual event in conjunction with the J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference. Please click here to view a full lineup of events.

For more information, please email Seema Desai.