US Family Care Benefits


At Cooley, we are dedicated to supporting our most important asset – you. Part of what makes us one of the “Best Places to Work” is our commitment to your overall health and well-being. We invest heavily in programs and plans that allow our partners and employees to thrive personally and professionally. Under this umbrella of care for your total wellness, you will find resources to support you and your family – to help you b.well@cooley.

Family leave resources

US birth, adoption and family care

  • Parental leave – Cooley provides 12 weeks of paid parental leave beginning on the date of birth or placement of a child. For birth mothers, this benefit begins after paid medical disability (typically 8 weeks post-birth). Additional leave time – paid through accrued vacation/PTO or unpaid – is generally available.
  • Ramping down/Ramping up – To ease the transition for those preparing for and returning from a leave of absence extending at least 12 consecutive weeks, non-partner attorneys, patent agents, and patent technical advisors will have their billable hours threshold lowered by 30% with no reduction in base compensation for one month prior to leave and three months upon return. Discretionary year-end bonuses will not be pro-rated as a result of this reduced schedule.

Caregiving resources

US daycare, sitters and backup care

  • Bright Horizons – Cooley attorneys are eligible for up to 20 emergency care sessions per child per year. Care can be provided in a center near home or work or in your own home. In-home adult care is also available.
  • Bright Horizons Care Advantage – Free referrals to center-based day care, elder and pet care. Free membership to SitterCity for in-home care and babysitters. Discounts on tutoring, test prep and homework assistance.
  • Dependent care spending account – Non-partner lawyers can set aside up to $5,000/year on a pre-tax basis to pay for qualified childcare expenses.
  • Cleo – Expecting and new parents are eligible for free consultations from experts in the areas of pre-natal care, newborn care, sleep coaching, lactation support, and more. Cleo works with each individual family to develop a customized plan based on their specific needs.
  • SNOO smart sleeper bassinet – Firm paid 6 month rental for new parents.

Time-saving resources

US concierge, errand running and advocacy services

  • Leverage Concierge – Free unlimited referrals for personal services including entertainment, travel and vacation planning, event planning, dining accommodations and more.
  • Leverage Errand Running – Services include a network of highly trained and qualified concierge specialists to run errands and serve employees’ needs. Errands may include, but are not limited to: car maintenance, holiday shopping/returns, floral delivery, post office services, waiting for utility personnel, etc.
  • Beyond Medicare –The firm provides complimentary consultations with a Medicare specialist who can answer questions and assist with Medicare enrollment for Cooley attorneys or their families.

b.well at ease

US family benefits for all of life’s challenges

  • Alternative work schedules – Cooley offers part-time and flexible work schedules to accommodate your family’s needs.
  • Mother’s rooms – Private rooms for mothers to express and store breastmilk.
  • Breastmilk delivery service – For nursing mothers on business travel.
  • Modern Health EAP – Every Cooley partner and employee (and each of their immediate family members age 18+) are eligible for up to 10 confidential therapy sessions and 10 live sessions with a health coach (in addition to unlimited chat). Also includes support benefits for financial counseling, legal referrals, and ID theft response.
  • Convenience and well-being services – Including on-site massage, dry cleaning services, and seminars to support a healthy work/life balance.