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Thought Leadership
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07/28/2015 "Ability to Benefit" is Back, But Not the Same
07/27/2015 IRS Issues Long-Awaited Proposed Regulations on Management Fee Waivers
07/27/2015 Seven Steps to Prepare for the New Gainful Employment Rule
07/24/2015 SEC Proposes Long-Awaited Compensation Clawback Rule
07/22/2015 New DOL Guidance on Classification of Workers as Employees or Independent Contractors
07/16/2015 The FCC's Telephone Consumer Protection Act Order
07/16/2015 Hiring Unpaid Interns: Federal Court Changes (Some of) the Rules
07/15/2015 Is an Innovation Box Coming to the US?
07/14/2015 New York District Court Articulates New Test for Assessing the Validity and Enforceability of Online Agreements
07/09/2015 California Approves Pathway for Non-Profit Institutions to Maintain Exemption from State Oversight
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07/24/2015 The Bank of England's internal FX inquiry: Asking the wrong questions? (FX MM)
07/22/2015 Is the EU close to harmonising copyright?
07/22/2015 The Bank of England's internal FX inquiry: a shadow of doubt? (Compliance Monitor)
07/16/2015 Cooley M&A Team News - July 2015
07/15/2015 Federal court upholds cancellation of REDSKINS trademark registrations
07/14/2015 Does the US need an EU-style data protection law? (PDP Journals)
07/08/2015 Take Your Drone Privacy Policies for a Test Flight
07/08/2015 Best practice series: Diversity and inclusion
07/08/2015 What states should know about unjust enrichment
07/07/2015 Tips For Avoiding Indirect Infringement

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