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12/18/2014 Department of Education Seeks Comments on New Data Collection and Validation for Reporting Use of "Third-Party Servicers"
12/18/2014 FCC Seeks Comment on Complex Broadcast Incentive Auction Procedures
12/16/2014 U.S. Supreme Court Unanimously Rules That Security Screening Time is Not Compensable Under FLSA
12/16/2014 Congress Ramps Up Cyber Legislation Activity: Four Bills Await President Obama's Signature
12/02/2014 Conversion of a Postsecondary Educational Institution from a For-Profit to a Nonprofit, Tax-Exempt Entity
11/18/2014 NTSB Determines Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Are Within the FAA'S Jurisdiction
11/18/2014 OFCCP Sends New Round of Potential Audit Letters
11/17/2014 Massachusetts New Sick Time Law Effective July 1, 2015
11/11/2014 New Russian Law Will Require Personal Data of Russian Citizens to be Processed on Servers Located in Russia
10/30/2014 The FCC Begins to Regulate Data Security
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12/16/2014 The Disappearance of Retail Organizations Under the Amended Section 365(d)(4) (The American Bankruptcy Institute Bankruptcy Reform Commission Report )
12/11/2014 Developing a Patent Portfolio That Can Withstand the ‘Death Squad' for Patents (Part 3) (Inside Counsel)
12/04/2014 Proposed Legislation to Reconcile DOJ and FTC Merger Standards and Processes: Arguments and Prospects (The Threshold)
11/12/2014 SEC Enforcement Report - Issue 2 - 2014
11/06/2014 The Patent Trial and Appeal Board After Two Years: Future Challenges (Intellectual Property Magazine)
11/05/2014 Venture Financing Report - Q3 2014
11/03/2014 Should Attorneys Be Paid for Litigating Their Fee Requests? (Turnaround Management Association's Journal of Corporate Renewal)
10/30/2014 Developing a Patent Portfolio That Can Withstand the ‘Death Squad' for Patents (Part 2) (Inside Counsel)
10/23/2014 Are the Anti-Inversion Rules Working?
10/21/2014 Major Changes in California's Regulation of Private Postsecondary Institutions (Client Advisory)

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