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Thought Leadership
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05/21/2015 European Commission Launches Digital Single Market Strategy with a Laundry List of Measures, Including Antitrust Sector Inquiry
05/19/2015 SEC Proposes New Rules on Pay Versus Performance
05/19/2015 The Regulation on Interchange Fees for Card-Based Payment Transactions
05/12/2015 New Pathways for Unaccredited Entities and Non-Institutional Education Providers
05/08/2015 Deadlines Approaching for Mandatory Reporting Requirement Regarding US Direct Investment Abroad
05/05/2015 Using Insolvency Powers to Make Claims for Fraud: Important Supreme Court Decision
04/28/2015 Privy Council Clarifies When Innocent Third Parties are Liable to Victims of Fraud
04/27/2015 Employer Notice Obligations Under California's New Paid Sick Leave Law
04/13/2015 Civil Claims for Bribery: an Overview of the English and Common Law Position
04/09/2015 FCC Continues Aggressive Action on Data Breaches
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05/22/2015 The Handbook of Competition Enforcement Agencies
05/20/2015 What States Should Know About the Civil Tort of Bribery
05/14/2015 What US Lawyers Should Know About Taking a Deposition in England and Wales
05/12/2015 Bank of England internal forex investigation – serious developments, if true (FTSE Global Markets)
05/12/2015 Industry ‘Brexit' Fears Voiced As Tories Ease Into Power (PaymentsCompliance)
05/12/2015 Venture Financing Report - Q1 2015
05/11/2015 Industry Opinion: The Luxury of Open Innovation (Retail Jeweller)
05/11/2015 FCA Makes Leaps of Faith Justifying BNY Mellon Fine (
05/01/2015 Europe's digital single market and competition law (E-Commerce Law and Policy)
04/28/2015 Navigating terms of service and privacy policies in the Internet of Things, (InsideCounsel Magazine, Cybersecurity & Privacy)

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