Remote Access for Authorized Cooley Users

This site is for access only by authorized Cooley users with valid user credentials. Any other access or attempt to access is strictly prohibited and subject to enforcement of legal rights by Cooley LLP

Connection Method US West US East Asia   Europe
Virtual Private Network VPN VPN VPN VPN
Citrix Applications Portal CAP CAP CAP CAP
Outlook Web Access OWA OWA OWA OWA

Access Guidance
US-Based Users
  • Use the US West or US East VPN link closest to your home office.
  • US-based users visiting Shanghai should not use the Asia VPN link.
  • US-based users visiting London should not use the Europe VPN link.
Asia-Based Users
  • The Asia VPN link is only for Shanghai-based users.
London-Based Users
  • The Europe VPN link is only for London-based users.

For technical assistance please contact the Cooley Help Desk:
Internal 499 2411 
External Direct 415 693 2411
External Toll Free 888 654 2411
Shanghai Toll Free 4001 200576
London Toll Free 44 80 0088 5710

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