Christophe Bondy Talks NAFTA Negotiations

Christophe Bondy was senior counsel to Canada during Canada-EU free trade agreement negotiations. He frequently appears in the media to provide views on international trade and investment issues, including the latest NAFTA negotiations.

"Canada Reaches Deal With the US That Will Replace NAFTA" - NPR

"Is Nafta's Replacement a Good Trade Deal?" - BBC Newshour

"US, Canada and Mexico Agree 'New NAFTA'" - BBC Business Matters

"New NAFTA Curbs ISDS" - Global Arbitration Review

"What's at Stake for Canada as Trade Talks with the US Continue" – NPR's All Things Considered

"Canadian View of NAFTA" – NPR's Morning Edition

"NAFTA Talks Make Little Headway as US Updates Objectives for ISDS Reform"– Global Arbitration Review

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